Wheels Would a shift kit eat up your wheel bearings?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by cmb271, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. cmb271

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    Okay, I've seen people put shift kits on there multiple geared bikes but I just can't understand how exactly they can maintain them. I have a single gear so I have a sprocket going directly to the wheel but I've burned up three sets of bearings and one entire hub and I don't see how the wheel bearings can hold up to all that friction and heat. I have a coaster huffy so I don't know if that has to do with anything since most geared bicycles are free wheel but I just can't understand how someone can get up to 45 MPH and not destroy their rim.

    Do free wheel bearings not take alot of damage at higher speeds only coasters, is there a custom rim you purchase that can withstand the speed and torque, I'm so confused when it comes to it because I want to build a shift kit bike but I don't want to sink 400-600 dollars and destroy the bearings after an hour of riding.

  2. Bonefish

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    Do you have 1pc. cranks or 3pc. cranks?
  3. cmb271

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    1 Piece but I wouldn't put a shift kit on the cruiser it breaks down to easily I'd most likely build a bike from scratch I just can't get over the wheel bearings getting eaten.
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    I have never had a problem with the wheel bearing in my shift kit. The freewheel crank bearing gets most of the abuse. SBP makes a HD one if your concerned about it. I bought it, but feel that it is overkill.
  5. Arty

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    I put about 500 miles on mine with no wheel bearing problems so far, and I tend to lean on the throttle maybe a bit more than I should.My kit is from "Sick Bikes". You do have to be careful with chain alignment, and tension though.
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    Boy this is a great topic. But I do not under stand why a 1pc crank would burn up bearings faster???

  7. Bonefish

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    You can't use a shift kit with one piece cranks. You have to switch to 3pc. cranks.