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    Hypetheticly speaking here....

    Take a look at the following link at this gas powered generator


    It seems to be a very good unit, 6 hours of runtime at 1000 watts, and 10 hours of runtime at 500 watts. Seems to be very quiet as well at only 61 decibals.

    First, here is my idea with this generator.... build a tow behind trailer for it and run wires to power an electric drive motor for the bicycle or trailer part.

    The part I need feedback on is if this thing could power a "DC" motor?

    The specifications on this unit says...

    1 Pole Single Phase 120V AC & 1 Pole 12V DC Generator

    Fully Protected 1 Pole 120V/60Hz Max Current 8.3A AC Output (1xNEMA 5-15R)

    1 Pole 12V DC with Max 10A. Battery Charging Cables Included.

    Is this enough power for an electric bicycle motor to be ran?

    Would I need to convert this in some way to power a motor?

    Would I still need to have a battery inline somewhere for the motor?

    Should I look at using an "AC" motor instead?

    My thoughts on using this would be that...

    6 - 10 hours of runtime

    very quiet operation

    weight is not too bad at 49lbs

    could be used as well for a portable generator

    Any feedback is welcome, especially that of duivendyk!

    Regards, Steve
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    If you had an ac motor it might work OK. Note that it puts out 1000W AC, but only 10A at 12VDC = 120W DC.

    You could try to rectify and smooth the AC output and run a dc motor at the output voltage, which I think would be about 110V (not sure on that).

    I think your best bet would be an ac motor rated between 500W and 1000W.
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    50 lbs might be more than it seems on the surface after you add in the other cargo and supplies and tools that you'll want to carry.