WTB. Center Stand for 26 inch Whizzer

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by stillgar, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. stillgar

    stillgar New Member


    I am looking for a center stand for a 1998/1999 WC1 Whizzer. Any leads would be appreciated.


  2. The_Aleman

    The_Aleman Active Member

    I'm not too familiar with center stand mounting possibilities on Whizzers, but Crow Cycle sells some nice inexpensive adjustable center stands. Check em out:


    I use their black "extra tall" stand, it works excellent.
  3. stillgar

    stillgar New Member

    Thanks! I will give them a try. Thank you for the recommendation.

  4. Stoney

    Stoney Member

    I just recieved their stand yesterday and it is awesome! What's cool is you can service your rear wheel and drive train w/o needing a repair stand. and for me if I hook up my daughters trail along bike to it or place a weight to the rear I can service the front wheel. Pretty **** cool! Not bad for 30.00 (w/shipping and at my door w/in 3 days
  5. The_Aleman

    The_Aleman Active Member

    Yeah, it's perfect for servicing! Just make sure you tighten those adjustable legs pretty good tho, they can get loose! I almost lost one the first day lol