100,125,150cc big engines where can you get them?


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Apr 11, 2008
Hello all, I'm not sure if this his in the right place. It was more of a product question, but i think i might need more engineering advice than product advice. so I will ask any way, and if it is... Just move me,or tell me what thread to look at, and i will shut up:oops:

I am looking for a bit bigger engine for my bike. I have an 80cc(67.8cc) 2 stroke and i want more power. I live in the middle of pa and there are a lot of low trafficked long windy roads around here, and my 67cc just doesn't move me quick enough. I want to move to a frame mount 4 stroke. I have seen 50cc kits, but i would like to know if any one has seen at 100,125, or even a 150cc engine that can be mounted? I am crafty, so any engine that would fit in the frame would be swell, but one designed for a mini bike, scooter or even a bicycle would be great!

I am planning on making a home made motorcycle(registration, vin, insurance the works). I'm gonna go all out on this one, mag wheels, disk/drum brakes, 3' tires and obviously some nice Rock Shocks, also will most likely get a steel mountain bike frame so that I can weld some more support onto the frame ,maybe even for a passenger(it will proably resemble a sport bike when i am done with steel body paneling). Lecture me if you must about my craziness, so hopefully you can talk me out of it and into a better idea....

I was looking into scooters and little sport bikes, but the Chinese ones don't seem to have parts available on a reliable basis(if you know different i would like to know!). I was most tempted by the Honda elite 80, but I'm not sure if it it will have enough power unless it was tuned?(again input greatly apprecitated) and the rest of the name brand Japenesse ones are a few grand! so.... I am planning on a motored bike/ motorcycle that can make 40-45mpg cruising speed(i don't ever planing on maxing this one out).

so if anyone could give me a point in the right direction for a frame motor (again doesn't have to be for this application thats just a plus)that would do the trick it would be greatly appreciated
alaskavan installed a 50cc lifan on his recumbent. A 50cc motorcycle engine would put out more considerably more power than your '80' cc mb engine. Plus, they typically have either an automatic transmission or gears to match the engine rpm to your speed much better than you can possibly do with a bicycle engine, resulting in faster acceleration and a higher top end.
I would say the best bet for a cheap big engine is one of the chinese lifan/loncin engines. The loncin engines are 90cc up to 110cc 4 strokes with clutch and can have a three gear box put onto them, they are the generic engine of choice for mostly all chinese imported mini choppers, mini quads, pit bikes, midi motos etc. Heres the link to one of them on ebay at the moment, they are cheap and parts are very readily available.

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you were right about the ebay engines. I found an engine on ebay that looks great for this application (http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220229152608&ih=012&category=35595)

Does any one have anything like this? I am wondering how long it is? It looks a little big? I have found some bicycles that are pretty big too, with some welding I don't think making engine mounts for this would be that bad because it mount from the top, that would also leave room for the exhaust header and pipe to weave around

edit:scratch that, i found dimensions 19.5 long, 12.5, 8.5 tall
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Links to eBay may include affiliate code. If you click on an eBay link and make a purchase, this forum may earn a small commission.
They are very fast too! easily capable of 60 on a pit bike (which is about three times the weight of a bicycle!) that is with three tall gears though.
I seem to remember figuring I needed 18" in length to mount a similar engine on my trike. I think it's 12 - 15" wide. Weighs approx. 40 lbs. Will go fast.
yea briggs and stratton 148cc

vertical shaft 4 stroke most produced engine worldwide


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