11 tooth drive sprocket for china girl engines

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    Does anyone know if there is a 11 tooth drive sprocket available for the china girl motors? I want to try gearing up my bike but I 'd rather not have to cut my chain for the smaller rear sprocket, and then have to buy another chain if the results are unfavorable. I was just going to try a 40 or 41 rear, but going up 1 on the drive will accomplish about the same results without having to cut the chain.

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    but you just gave me an idea...
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    Hi Steve
    I vaguely remember one guy making a custom 11 tooth front sprocket but there isn't
    much room to go larger in the motor case.

    You won't have any problems going down to a 41 tooth sprocket.

    the kits I sell come standard with a 41 tooth now instead of the 44 toother.

    you may even want to go down to a 36 tooth if you don't weigh that much and
    not tackling too many hills.
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    Thanks for the reply. I'll probably go ahead and try the 41. I'm about 195 lbs and there are a few hills around V.V. so I don't think I'll try the 36 till I've had a chance to see how the 41 works out. I'm waiting on a Jaguar Ignition and a high comp head right now. And I'm thinking about getting a "Torquer II' pipe from Arrow motors. If everything works maybe I"ll give some thought to trying the 36 instead. Thanks again!
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    Did you go to the Socal Motor Bicycle racing event on Oct 19th 2013 at Grange Motor Circuit in Apple valley?

    Don't waste your money on a Jaguar ignition.
    What head are you getting?
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    No I didn't hear about it until it was already over.
    Too late I already did, I'm hoping to make the best of it for what it is. I bought the bike used and the bottom end went south about a month after I got it. I got my hands on a replacement from a friend and started doing a little research and ran into a testimonial about the Jaguar concerning the bottom end going out after only about 400 or so miles on several motors until they installed the new ignition. I guess I"ll just have to see how it works and go from there. The Head I decided to try is the stock rechambered head from Arrow. There was another being offered on Ebay for the same price but the machine work and shape of the squish chamber on the Arrow looked better so I went with it. I know that the iron stock head will generate more heat than a aluminum one would but the price of an aluminum unit is almost twice as the iron unit and it will give me an idea of what I can expect without throwing another 100 dollar bill at it. If it impresses me enough I"ll shop around for an aluminum unit.
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    It would be nice if someone made available an 11 tooth sprocket but it isnt essential.

    yeah MBR the Jaguar CDI must be a waste of money seing how it only accomplishes the following:

    -allows higher rpm's without engine overheating
    -works with expansion chamber to extend power band
    -Faster combustion resulting in more engine power (due to a stronger spark)
    -Less engine vibration at high rpm's
    -More reliable than stock CDI/coil
    -Easier starting
    -Smoother running
    -More torque and horsepower
    -Is easier on the engine bearings
    -Looks cool

    Everyone should stick with the stock POS CDI, pay your taxes, go to the doctor when sick, be religious, believe the government, etc ad nauseum
    (I am being very fecitious.)
    Yes there are some people that like the stock CDI, keep the crappy stock carb, dont complain about engine vibration, and dont have a front disk brake. Obviously you know some of them and they swear up and down that their bike is faster with the stock CDI. I could care less. My customers rave about it. I have compared it side by side with a stock CDI and there is no comparison. Anyone interested in making their bike better need to do these 3 things:
    1) install a good carburetor
    2) increase engine compression
    3) install a Jaguar CDI
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    from all that, i only got one thing!

    theres only three words in the english language with all vowels in order...and you misspelt one of them!!