1960 Firestone 500 II

Hi I am still new to this site, but I found a 1960 Firestone 500 II for sale. Seller says it's in excellent condition and wants $175. I am not a collector and I can get a new Schwinn Searcher for about the same price. What kind of PRO's or CON's can anyone give me? I am going to look at the Firestone this a.m., but I am not interested in paying way too much for the 48 year old bike.


If you are talking about using this for an MB- I have no problem with using old bike, but i would not pay more than flea market / thrift store prices for one. That bike may very well have a legitimate market value of $175, but for MB purposes, a newer bike with provision for front brakes would be better for the same money. I started with an older cruiser bike, but I got it for $25 at a flea market.

Just for riding around for fun as is? I'd take a serious look at that bike. Check the frame to make sure there are no cracks. How does the coaster brake work, smooth or grotty and noisy? What is the rust situation? Obviously plan on new tires and tubes, so don't worry much about them. Just make sure it is well taken care of.

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I agree with Hough. That thing would have to be in REALLY good shape to be worth that kind of money.


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Sep 19, 2008
Thanks for the replies. The bike looked really good. Original Firestone tires, great paint light even worked. I did not buy it as I think for a MB a newer bike (with front brakes - Hough) is well worth the money. This one would be a good show piece as it looked mostly original...to my untrained eye. The guy, who was retired ARMY, a light wheeled vehicle mech., actually talked me out of it for a MB as well. He pointed me towards the same thing you both mentioned. He told me about this place across town, Dimension Edge Friction-Drive kits, so I'll look into them.
Thanks again.