1st build need a lot of advice.

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    I would like to build a motorized mountain bike that can handle off road. 3.0 hp and 30 mph are what's legal in MO, I would like an efficient transfer so that 30 mph isn't a problem. Is geared belt drive really the best? I want to mount the engine in the frame. I want a strong headlight for night riding. Turn signals sound like they could be useful, I want to outfit the bike for long rides.

    Can I put a kit on any mountain bike?
    Which kit should I be using?
    What headlight is best?
    Any other recommended accessories?

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    yes... as long as you can physically fit the motor between the frame any bike will work.

    I would recommend a GEBE kit with the robin/subaru eho35. Belt driven, so its incredibly smooth as compared to the 80cc, easy to install, mechanically the most reliable, and easiest to operate (my 9 year old nephew rides mine).

    If you absolutely have to go with the frame mount 80cc I would get the spooky tooth starfire 80cc kit. Its about $250 but it's of waaaaay better quality in more ways than I care to discuss here and now compared to the budget $120 kits... you get what you pay for.

    Other recommended accessories is a headlight, rear blinking red led tail light, rear view mirror, and small tool bag with crescent wrench, philips screwdriver, and spare parts. I wouldn't worry about the turn signals because you can use your arms and it isnt worth the mechanical trouble of wiring the things.

    I have two bikes, one with the 80cc frame mount kit and one with the eho35 GEBE kit, and I would definitely HIGHLY recommend the GEBE kit. Here is a link to both of them...


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    thanks for reply. i have to limit cc's to 50 here in MO. I want every last one.
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    OK... what ever you say.
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    the list of in-frame 4stroke kits is small
    I am trying not to leave anyone out

    boygofast - hoot gearbox
    http://www.bicycle-engines.com/ - grubee gearbox
    firebelly cycles - custom gearbox
    dax/scooterguy/sbp - custom design
    www.ezmotorbike.com - USA designed and built 'SilentDrive' system

    all of these kits use the HondaGXH50, HuaSheng 142f 49cc, or the Titan49cc engine
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    http://www.fiveflagsmotorbikes.com/Wizard4StrokeBicycleEngine.htm sells da Grubee 4 stroke kit with gearbox at a bargain $355 shipped to US
    Talk to da Frank, he been around since the early dazs of motored bikes

    I would not call dax/scooterguy/sbp an inframe kit, more of an on teh frame design as it sticks out a lot in front of your left leg and that exhaust is some kind of male contraceptive device!!!
    Looks like a frame wart!
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    I don't know that I would go that far as styling is subjective, but let's just say the Dax "in frame" is certainly function over form....way, way over, but to each their own.
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    continuing with questions

    big frank or wild frank?
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    I think a DAX setup with a TLE33 or 43 turned 90 degrees with the tank facing toward the front of the bike would be different. They are quiet and it would not be so easy to get burned. Would you get oil on your leg?

    A hopped up 2 stroke on that thing would be way wrong ! Might go 60.
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    The real issue is that, for off-road use, you want higher torque at the rear axle, (and subequently, a lower top-end.) For road use, it's generally better to go for the higher top-end. Some sort of CVT may be better for what you're after.
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    for all your input guys