1st china girl build 'fatboy slim'

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by junkyard, Feb 8, 2009.

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    here some pics from my new build

    rims and brakes came from kids x games motobike

    frame forks came from shamu bike

    added jackshaft with steel rear hub and rear dropouts

    im waiting on my kit to arrive .....should be here in a few days

    ill have more pics soon

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  2. junkyard

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    few more pics

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    i was going to post this in vendor reviews but i dont have enuff posts yet so when i do ill repost it there

    well i really thought this was gunna be a positive review but....

    i ordered the EPA 50cc round head kit from Zone8cycling specifically because i wanted the round head

    the website looked nice....professional

    i read good reviews and when i saw the pics of the round head motorbiker posted i decided thats what i wanted

    then it got here and it wasnt the round head....it was the square head....and didnt even have the raw name plate on the cover plate

    ok this is my first kit and ive been saving up and waiting and planning it out in my head....you guys know what i mean....then im supposed to just send it back on my dime and hope that they eventually send me the engine i ordered????....i can understand if something was wrong with the engine itself and i needed to return it under warrenty but its not even the engine i ordered....thats either false advertizing or idiots run the place

    i sent an email telling them they wont get anymore of my business but i didnt bother sending the motor back

    the kit itself seems to be fine...regular cheap kit like everyone sells....motor seems good....not the upgraded clutch lever with the beefed up part that goes around the handlebar , this one has a hinge ....im guessing so you dont have to remove the left grip???....even tho they give you a new left grip???

    anyway my review is they are dishonest and totally misrepresent themselves on the website....avoid these guys

    save yourself the trouble and frustration and just buy from thatsdax