2 in one Lever (Not Dual)

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    I found this lever and bought it on ebay, When i got the lever in the mail, it had the cable already attached to the "clutch" part (really a 3 speed gear shifter) The cable doesn't have any housing around it whatsoever, its just a dry cable all rolled up. I've got a temp fix while I'm working on this but I was wondering how I can make this cable my clutch? How can I get a housing around this cable? Does anyone know how to use this particular product for this use?

    Link and photo attached

    Any help is appreciated!

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    Post a few pics of YOUR lever so we can see this cable setup.
    Probably not adviseable to buy from BGF in the future....they have a bad reputation(Search forum)
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    you can buy some housing at any bicycle shop
    or a cable or cables complect with housing --- WalMart maybe ??
    then save the inside cables for use later
    there you have plenty of housing for use now

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