2 stroke engine kit has arrived -first impressions from a noob

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by DaveA, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. DaveA

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    I ended up ordering a 66cc kit from http://www.umotobikes.com after talking to the owner. The price was about 80$ cheaper then a comparable kit from bike berry. Since its my first build I'm taking the suggestion offered here to start with a basic kit. Again this build is for my daughter to use on her commutes to/from college campus. Anyhow the engine kit arrived today and here are a list of my first impressions and some concerns:

    1. over all pretty poor quality on materials and machining - you get what you pay for.

    2. the clutch lever really concerns me. The spring loaded push pin is all that keeps the clutch disengaged? really? the one that came with the kit just looks like very poor quality. I push the pin down to keep the handle locked back and just tap my hand to release it. This does not seem like it would work very well and that any bump in the road would engage the clutch which would make pedaling (engine on or off) impossible?

    Can I get a better clutch lever? I see some online but would love suggestions so I don't buy more crap.

    here are some photos

    11742630_10207598036771694_530220328647807093_n.jpg 11742744_10207598038411735_136853601516397802_n.jpg 11760194_10207598039691767_904642171586549781_n.jpg

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    As I stated before, rack mount with a quality engine (honda, mitsubishi, robin subaru, tanaka) is the way to go.It has been shown here, that ALL these CG engines come out of a couple factories in China, they are all the same, the only difference is some are looked over, painted, modded once they reach the states.Get ready for breakdowns, tinkering, and hauling that bike in a car.
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    that lever is OK - the force of the clutch pulling on it after it is installed will keep it in place

    all chinese kits are made of poor materials, but work well for the price

    what did it cost & is it 66cc and is it a post-2012 motor with balanced crank?
  4. DaveA

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    Thanks, the kit was 159.99 shipped, it is 66cc. I have no idea if it's post-2012, how could I tell?
  5. chain

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    What bike did you get ? Hope not the Kent La Jolla . I have one and it's a tight fit but looks cool when done and It's only
    $95 with shipping from Walmart .
  6. crassius

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    without opening the top end to look inside, you'll need to email the seller and ask if it has balanced crankshaft - a year or 2 ago, I was looking for a new kit supplier and asked several - about half of them had old style cranks and other half said new balanced cranks

    absent an email, you'll know it's not balanced if it vibrates a lot over 25mph
  7. DaveA

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    I ended up getting a bit higher end bike, mostly because I wanted her to have multi-speed and front/rear hand brakes. The Firmstrong Urban Man Beach cruiser had all of that for $229.
  8. DaveA

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    The guy from umoto said he "did not balance it", which leads me to believe that it is an upgrade. I'm having buyers remorse on the quality from this outfit but oh well I do need a log splittter

    Bikeberry engines seem to have better quality control and upgrades to the base engines. So I ordered this kit:

  9. crassius

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    the older motor isn't horrible - for all the years before 2012 they were what everyone had

    excess vibration is a bit hard on the butt & on the mounting studs of the motor, but careful attention to torquing them is what we've all had to do in those days (hmm, rereading that, I didn't mean the butt needed torquing : )
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  10. chain

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    Great add-ons

    $_57-2.jpg $_57-1.jpg
  11. DaveA

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    What exactly is the chain tensioner adapter called so I can search for it?
  12. SeanPatrick

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    Here Dave, http://www.ebay.com/itm/Motor-Bike-chain-Tensioner-Pulley-Bracket-/321815026591?
    This guy ships really fast but I have not installed mine yet as right after I got it I changed sprockets and didn't need it. The steel is nice and thick, but it does need some paint or it will start to rust in short order. And it doesn't come with a pully or anything so you either need to use the one that came with your kit or find another.