2 stroke or 4 stroke?

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    I know that this has to have been discussed before but I have searched and can not find it. I'm doing my research before buying and I'm trying to find out if it would be better to get a 2 stroke or 4 stroke kit? From what I have seen so far in the 4 stroke section, 4 strokes seem to last longer, take a beating better and get more miles. Then I heard that they don't take hills as good as a 2 stroke (bad). 4 strokes cost more... but do you get more?

    Just trying to figure things out. I would appreciate everyones ideas about this. I know that this must be a raging subject. I need help in deciding before I buy.


  2. If you can afford a 4 stroke you won't be disappointed.
    With a 4 stroke you can pull up at the pumps and brag about what little your spending on a fill up.
    That alone,man.
    That alone.
    No more 2 stroke mixing.
    Just gas and go.
    4 strokes rule.
    And with the same gearing,my 50cc 4 stroke takes hills better than my 70cc two stroke.
    It's a lot quieter too.
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    Im a 2stroke guy myself, on the upside you can make a expansion pipe to fit,along with a few small parts,and mods, and beat a 4stroke all day.
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    For the first time today I saw a guy with one of those 2 stroke ebay kits. My opinion is this. The 2 stroke looked great but dang was it loud.
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    I do like the thought of pulling up to the gas station and getting 50 - 75 cents worth of gas and watching everyone's expression. That's got to be worth it's weight in gold :) I have another question about the 4 stroke. Do you pop the clutch to start it like you do a two stroke?
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    Currently I have two 4 strokes and one 2 stroke. (4 strokes have a pull start)
    __If im going out for a neighborhood cruise 15 miles or less I prefer my 2 stroke. I usually dont go down the same street twice because of the noise. My 2 stroke gives me the bicycle/motorcycle feeling. Its mounted on a cruiser bike so I sit up straight.
    __If im going on a serious "must have the dependability" ride, 15 miles or more, I ALWAYS take the 4 strokes. If its a possibility of rain its the GEBE belt drive. If its a great weather day its the Staton friction drive. I think it up to the individual. I find great joy both. What do you need it for?

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    Thank you for your answer, graucho. I live in a small town and the next big town is about 15 miles away so it sounds like the 4 stroke might be the answer for me. It's a drive that I would make on a semi-regular basis.... say once a week or once every 2 weeks.

    Do you have any recommendations for which 4 stroke kit to buy? I found a kit at http://www.fiveflagsmotorbikes.com/Wizard4StrokeBicycleEngine.htm and I like the looks of it but don't know if it's a good buy or not. It has an option to buy a long pipe. I'm guessing that you would recommend the GEBE and the Stanton (duh). I've looked at those. Are there any others out there?

    I would be primarily be using the mb for going to the store and to the doctors office (I have to go twice a week), and for just joy riding whenever I could. And sometimes the trip to the "big city" lol.

    Thanks for the reply and the help in this matter. Thanks to everyone too. Anyone who replies is welcome.

    I live in such a small town that when I finally get my mb I will just make a trip to the police station and show it to them and let them no I have it before they try and stop me on the road, lol. We're just about on a first name basis here.
  8. It's all about preference. Do you want a belt drive or a chain drive? Frame mount or rack mount?
    I have one of Dax's Titan and I love it but I can't comment on any others besides the Happy Time 2 stroke frame mount which I too have because I haven't the pleasure to try them out.
    I do know that I can depend on my Titan and I go to 50 to 60 mile rides at times.
  9. crabdance

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    Hi LF,
    I understand about the preference. I think what I want is a chain drive frame mount. Although the Dax Titan is probably wonderful, I don't like the looks of the engine sitting on top of the back wheel. Like you said... preference. Guess I just like that motorcycle wanna-be look :)

    Thanks for letting me know about your Titan going 50 to 60 mile rides at a time. That's good to know. Let's me know that the engines can take it and keep going!

    Have you heard of the engine kit in the link I provided above? Have you heard anything about them, good or bad? Just wondering.
  10. graucho

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    There are may members here who have the kit you showed. I'm sure someone else can advise. The only thing bad I have to say about my GEBE set up is the fuel tank is too small. The tank in my photo, I only get 25 miles and it starts to sputter a little. I always carry extra fuel in a small camping white gas tank. They do make larger tanks but they are bulky or sit off to the side. many like them, but I dont like the look. (Personal preference) I do have to say I LOVE the engine though. I've heard of people with 5-10,000 miles on them.
  11. crabdance

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    Hope someone will chime in about the 4 stroke I provided a link for and let me know what they think about them. I've heard nothing but good things about the GEBE units (with the exception of one person on a wild rant). Everyone seems to be really pleased with them. Can't you use one of the frame mount gas tanks? Or is that not possible (sorry if that's a dumb question). I'm so new at this I don't know. 10,000 miles is awesome!!! That's killer. Can't help but love that.
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    ..antoher thing about 4-stroke is that you dont smell exhaustion and 2-stroke oil from your clothes all day at work :)
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    That's a good one... never thought of that. :cool:
  14. SirJakesus

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    Rack mounting will allow for a wider variety of bicycle frames including full suspension and theres most likely more modification needed to fit a frame mounted engine onto a bike. I also found between my 2-stroke happytime frame mounted and my rack mounted staton mitsubishi 2-stroke there were a lot less vibrations (almost none). This is probably mostly due to the superior engineering of the Mitsubishi but I think the rack goes a long way to isolating the engine vibrations from the bicycle frame. I'm loving it so much I may just sell my Stingray to somebody who wants to get into motoredbiking in style. Keep in mind too that those frame mounted 4 strokes are fairly large so you would probably want to start looking around for large framed bikes to fit it.
  15. crabdance

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    Thanks for the information SrJakesus. I guess it makes sense that the rack mounting will fit a wider variety of bikes. At least you have more than one so that you can compare! You said that I need to get a large framed bike. Here is a link to one I was thinking about getting. Does anyone think this one would work?

    Good luck if you decide to sell your Stingray. I don't know how you could part with it though (smile). I'm sure it's like a family member.

    Thanks for the help and the info. Everyone is helping me out with my research and with each bit of information things become more clear about which way I need to go when it comes to selecting my bike kit.

    thanks everyone.
  16. ocscully

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    The kit you provided the link to is the Grubee 4-stroke kit using the Chinese clone of the Honda GXH50 motor. I believe you will find that it is a good kit and most of the folks who have bought them are happy with them. That being said I think that you may run into some problems mounting it into the bike you provided the link to. The motor needs approx. an area of 10in.X10in.X10in. Also the size of the downtube of the bike shown is way oversized and I dont think the motor mount provided with the kit will fit it. As for starting the 4-strokes most of the engines available in the various kits use pull starters and centrifical clutchs, so no you don't bump start them.

  17. crabdance

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    Hi ocscully,
    Thanks for the information. I've heard good things about the Honda clone so that makes me feel good. I don't understand about the bike part though. Are you saying that it's too big or too little? Sorry.... just don't know about these things :).
  18. HoughMade

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    I have this kit.

    What he means is two things- the top tube seems to come down at an angle where it would interfere with the air cleaner for sure, possibly the carb itself. I did away with the air cleaner box and made my own, but that would not solve the problem is the carb itself would interfere.

    The front down tube may be an issue as well. It is very thick. The mounting plate is a half circle that must fit around the tube. It fits mine perfectly, but the down tube on that bike is much thicker than mine.

    Here is a pic of it of what my bike used to look like where you can kind of see the clearances.

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    Can you take a look at Walmart (or some other retailer) and find me an example of a bike that might fit the bill? Thanks for the extra info about the bike. I appreciate any help. Just trying to find something that works. Your bike looks great. Glad that you got it working good. Are you happy with the engine?
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    I'm saying that I think that the tub diameter is to fat. The Grubee kit comes with a mounting plate that is adjustable for length front to rear. The Adjustable ends have a U shaped opening in the center of them that goes around the seat tube at the rear and the downtube at the front. My best guess is that the largest tube dia. that this mount can handle is probably 35mm/1&3/8in. dia. The down tube on the bike you linked to is quite a bit fatter/larger than 35mm, I believe. If you are able to go to your local walmart and measure, it might save you some headaches later. You may also want to take along a piece of cardboard that measures 10in.X10in. to confirm that there is enough room in the front triangle for the motor as well.