2004 Whizzer


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Nov 4, 2006
funny thing...the guy wasn't selling. He just thought I'd get a kick outta riding it.
I did!! :D



New edition Whizzer engine types

HI all, in '98 whizzer re-formed, new ownership, bought the rights from the origional (sucessful, diversified) company. They shipped an early Whizzer engine overseas to have it "remade". This will all new upgraded componentry. They called this first engine WC-1. There were a couple of oversights, since especially, they had not chosen the best orig type to send for patterning. From 99-very late 04 the WC-1 was produced, easily identified by the gap between the fins at rear of engine, and obvious intake snout from barrel to carb.
Late 04 the "New Edition model 2005", was designed, addressing some valve-seat problems, overheating potential (25% more finning), breather and a few other improved ideas. It it thought, that if you run a wc1 unrestricted it will have a rather short upper end life. This was corrected in the NE5. There is also speed equiptment for ne5, along with the fact that NE top end direct bolts to the WC1.
I make performance mufflers, have shaved heads, and alsosome Weber heads, and the BTR OHV setup. There isone guy who specializes in "race tuned" NE's also.........Mike