26" front chrome wheel with drum brake

Guys and Gals, I am looking for a 26 inch front wheel (chrome) that will handle a 26 X 2.125 tire with a drum brake setup. I would like to find a new one if possible. I have read the threads and only find hubs etc. Anyone sell a complete ready to go wheel minus tire and tube?

Thanks for any and all help,
Dave Beck
580-243-9008 cell
I will be calling Workmans tomorrow, sonds like they have just what I need they also have a drum brake rear if anyone is interested.

Thanks for the help guys,
If I had some money I'm all over that but since I don't maybe I'll read up on spoking my own rims. My rear rim needs replacing again (#3 now). Since I'm poor it's back for the 15 dollar garage sale finds. It's nice to have all these bike parts and frames,but they are missing rear rims!
Well guys I got them ordered, will be a while before I receive them, I got the drum front, and coaster rear. They have the heavy spokes, 11mm I think? they are chrome.

I will give you an update once I receive them.