29er Project Ending

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by JR_MB2012, May 9, 2012.

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    Thanks to the new management's Big Brother style of administration, I will have to get rid of 428CJ, my 29er MB. The bicycle will live on, because we can have those. The rule that killed it was that we cannot store gas anywhere on site. Guess what this bike runs on...... I had a lot of fun and was looking forward to riding my MB to my hometown this summer. I am taking the motor off and venting out the fuel tank to prepare the motor for long-term storage. I really hate to see it go. Gas has been drained. Depression is sinking in. I feel like :poop:. They said that I can have a few weeks to get rid of the components. Like that helps. Thanks guys for all your help, even though most of you didn't know you helped me. This is truly a sad day for me. I will be moving after my new lease expires in August 2013. Maybe then I can build another. :annoyed:

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    Sorry to hear the news - any chance to switch to E85? 105 octane, so you should pick up some power - especially with a quick head milling, it's cheaper than gas and the 'switch' is about as easy as drilling out the carb jet. It's an alternate fuel, so technically not 'gas' :) I've converted my bike and it runs great.

    If it's flammable liquids causing their panties to bunch - how about propane? Little harder to convert, but you won't spill it.
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    It's the flammable liquids that they have a major twist about. I'm just going to put the motor in long-term storage. After the lease, I am going to find a private owner renting an apartment in a house so I can have the MB back (hopefully). I don't know if Propane would work. They have a ban on flammables in general. This new Management Group is a bunch of pretentious, suburb-inhabiting a-holes that more than likely have never had a hardship beyond having only 1 100-Dollar Bill in their wallet. Not a knock against suburbs, but a knock against the Management. The old Management said it was OK with a drip pan. Being a smarta**, I called them on the fact that every car contained flammable liquids, so they should also be banned from the complex as well. The Manager, who was from the old group gave me a grin and a slight laugh, which I replied to "I tried". She thought it was funny. My roommate, who spent a lot of money to help me get it going is ticked off. To say the least.
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    Do you have any type of registration for motorized bicycles or mopeds in your state required or unrequired? Becuase if it is registered.. it is a vehicle, and you can have vehicles right?
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    Technically Yes and No. I have read that the Secretary of State does not acknowledge MB's as anything but a bicycle. We can have vehicles, but they have to stay in the parking lot. That thing would be gone faster than I typed this message if I parked it down there.