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    I have finished installing this Chinese 4 cycle kit but the chain case sticks out 3 1/16 inches from where it attaches to the engine case and wish it didn't sitck out this far. Do the gear drives stick out this far also? Irish John is changing from a belt to a gear drive for this reason. John wrote that the total width of the gear drive is 9" if I understand correctly, while mine seems to be a total of about 10 1/2". Just would like to confirm before I start changing things around.

    Not sure yet how this kit is going to turn out, It's pretty much a test for the latist Chinese stuff and comparing it with other kits I have installed.

    So far, I like the engine and some of the componets, but had to replace a few parts. Pretty much exspected that, there seems to be some fairly good quality parts being made of which I have purchased and will continue to do so if this pans out.

    The engine putts down the street just fine. The primary chain drive is quiet, even the rear chain sounds good until I let off the throttle. Them comes the " click, snap. clash" and all sorts of other strange little noises and some not so little. When I look down I can see the front drive sprocket which has a little wobble. Give it a little gas and all those exciting sounds go away. Other than that it seems to be working just fine. Almost for got, I'm using a 44t rear sprocket and that is ok for a slow chug-a-lug cruise which I like. Maybe a 46 or 48 tooth would do better for a little more get up and go. For now I'll stick with the 44T.

    Still at the top of my list is the Golden Eagle with the little Robin 35, it just runs and runs with "0" problems.

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    Bill Snow

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    The overall width of the various 4-stroke kits varies, the differences have to do with which primary reduction gearbox/drive is used. Originally there were two motors available The Honda GXH50 and the HS Clone 50 (142-F)? The gearbox options were the Grubee and the Hoot. both of these gearboxes when mounted to either of the above engines produced an overall width of 9 in.+-. The original Hoot gearbox was a disaster and pretty much self destructed very quickly. The original Grubee had serious noise problems and ther was kind of an informal recall which produced the Grubee II, and then late last year the Grubee III became available. The current Hoot reduction box, brought with it a redesigned HS Clone motor. This new version of the HS Clone motor comes with the 76mm clutch already attached to the output shaft and the left side of the motor has a partial shroud around the clutch. Its the same type of clutch and mount set-up that comes on the 33-35cc 2-stroke and 4-stroke motors and the Titan 50cc 4-stroke. This new mount set-up and the drive systems that fit it will not fit the Honda GXH50 or the older HS Clone 50. So when you say that your motor and reduction drive is 10.5 in wide and uses a chain I assume its the Newer HS Clone motor and the pocket bike reduction drive. With this set-up you don't have a lot of options (none that I can think of) that will provide you with a narrower combination.


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    Hi Bill. You Got Me Beat By 3 Yrs. When I Got Into This Hobby Almost 2 Yrs Ago, My First Purchase Was A 43cc Mitsi. It Still In The Box=$206. Would It Cause Belt Problems With The Eagle Belt Drive? Like Strip Cogs? I Like The Bigger 49cc Motors. I Bought The 14 Tooth Drive Gear. I Need To Order The Belt And Wheel Sheave. I Recently Read On One Of The Forums About A Guy Having Problems Withe The Spokes And Sheave. Double Wiring The Spokes Etc. Bamabikeguy Has Rode Them For Many Miles, Very Interesting Fellow. Maybe The 43cc Is Max?? Ron
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    Rather than ask a bunch of questions could you post a pic of your drive and
    setup? I'm wondering of you have the same drive I do.
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    I see you are well informed, thank you for the clear and detailed info. It must be the HS clone with the pocket bike drive. With your knowledge I would like to ask: If I replace the whole engine and drive with a 4cycle and the same mounting application, do you have a recommendation?

    Hi Ron

    Yes, I understand the spoke and sheave problems. On some wheels it seems impossible to center the sheave. On my present bike it centered perfect with very little effort. I am not sharp enough to know which wheel to use or not to use. For me it's the luck of the draw. Perhaps Bamabikeguy could clear that up
    Broken spokes: I know about that too. There are some very good spoked wheels that will hold up under the stress ( Dennis, at Golden Eagle offers some good wheels I understand). However, being basicly cheap, I did what I think is the next best thing. You mentioned wiring the spokes, that is what I did. I wired the spokes together where they cross then applyed JB Weld. Also, I drilled holes in the sheave where it snaps onto the spokes,wired the sheave to the spokes and again used good old JB Weld. I keep the spokes tight also. That maybe over kill but it seems to work for me. I have no problem with broken spokes any more.
    49cc motor: I have never tried that, but maybe not. That is a fine little belt on the Golden Eagle but it may have too much power for the cogs as you also say. You could try it, go easy when starting out and see what happens. At worst you would have to replace the belt. I belive Dennis offers a 40cc 2cycle, so your 43 should be ok. Please understand I am not the final word on this stuff. Started this in the early 80's and a lot is trial and error, do not want to mislead anyone.
    3 years,you must be 70 and that's good. With all the things that can go wrong,at times I am surprised we made it this far. Only one answer, we must be made of pretty good stuff.

    Good luck Ron, like to know what you end up doing.


    I may as well come clean, when it comes to these computers and adding pictures, I am a dummy. But you are right, pictures answer a lot of questions and I'll try. Years ago I put a picture of my bike on this forum, so I will reread the forums directions and should be able to do it again

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    Bill Snow
    Fresno, California
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    I like the Honda GXH50. I have one build with this motor and the GrubeeII gearbox on a mountainbike frame with suspension fork that has been running pretty much without any problems for almost 2 yrs now. I also have been working off and on on a bike using the Honda motor and a custom Metric timing belt drivetrain for almost 2yrs as well, and still don't have it up and running. http://www.motoredbikes.com/showpost.php?p=123207&postcount=27 I'm currently helping a friend put together his first build using the Honda motor and he is using the Grubee III gearbox. For the past couple of years the Honda GXH50 was available from a place called Small Engine Warehouse for $210.00 without a gas tank, but they ran out of them early this year and haven't gotten them back in stock. They have the Honda motor with a gas tank for $260.00 So I guess all this means that I recommend the Honda Motor and Grubee Gearbox, The other kit to look at is the New EZM Kit I have no first hand experience with this kit but from what I have read here and elsewhere it seems to be a great set-up but it is quite a bit more expensive. I've also read good things about the drive built by Tryslider from this forum. His drive is made in very small runs of a few at a time and the price reflects that limited supply and made in america ethos. All of these drives are made to fit the Honda or the Older HS Clone motor. And all of these drives I believe come in at the 9 in.+- dimension

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    Thanks OSCUALLY, Honda GXH, Grubee gear drive III and Tryslide. I'll check them out. I take it that the Grubee gear drive III is the latest made and should be easy to come by.

    EZM kit????, don't think I have heard of it, will see what I can learn.

    Nice of you to pass this on and I appreciate it.