A full blown motorcycle from a bike

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  1. bando_red

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    Has anyone here ever attempted or seen something like it? Not some 600cc beast but just something that goes up to 60-70 mph and qualifies as a motorcycle rather than a moped, maybe a 7 or 8 hp. I don't know a great deal about motorcycles so I'm sure if there is some obvious reason for this or not. I've seen a few youtube vids or 196cc engines on schwinns that can get up to about 55-60, thats practically a motorcycle right?

  2. motorpsycho

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    ummm yeah but that would be crazy. A bike frame without modifications couldn't handle the vibrations from those kinds of speeds.
    not only that, the bearings would be a major issue because standard bike bearings probably wouldn't last long with those speeds. and then there's the tires....standard bike tires are made for only 20-30 mph max.
    brakes, you'd need some really good brakes, better than any bicycle disks that you could buy.
    then consider the fact that at those speeds, you'd probably make a lot of people mad who have actual motorcycles, who have to pay for insurance and license plates.
    if you want to go this fast on 2 wheels, just get a motorcycle.
  3. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Check out www.BigBoyCycles.com
    They use the 49 cc 4 stroke motorcycle semi auto engines.

    The kind of bikes you are describing are being raced this Sat April 7th
    at Grange Motor Circuit in Apple Valley, CA in the 11 hp Class.

    Big Boy Cycles makes this California legal motorized bicycle.

  4. bando_red

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    Thanks for the link MBR. I haven't really been able to find anything like it. Now I know its at least possible.

    psycho, perhaps I should have explained better. I'm not talking about just slapping a bigger engine on a bicycle. Reinforcing, modifying and replacing parts where needed. Basically building a motorcycle but instead of a motorcycle frame to start with, it would be a bicycle frame.
  5. motorpsycho

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    ahh, i highly modified bicycle frame.
    basically a motorcycle with pedals, like where motorcycles originated from.
  6. bando_red

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    Exactly. The goal would be to reduce the weight of the bike a great deal, as well as an affordable alternative to purchasing a bare chassis, which all seem to be as expensive as buying a full bike and having it stripped.

    Also , to quote Dale Gribble " Plus it looks pretty Badass" :)
  7. Cavi Mike

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    70mph on a bicycle HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    oh, excuse me, I need to catch my breath


    This is stupid.
  8. Neon

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    I don't find this stupid at all. This type of thing has been going on for a while. Look at the FX mountain moto. A lightweight Dirt Bike made from as many quality mountain bike parts as possible. There's nothing wrong with wanting to get weight down. Usually though by the time you have made the bicycle safe enough to go at those speeds. Usually the weight is up to full blown motorcycle anyway. Of course some people consider that if you remove the pedals and put on footpegs it's automatically a motorcycle anyway. Another option is to get a motorcycle and start replacing items with aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber to get weight down.
  9. Ibstrange1

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    I think that it would be fun to build a chassis from just tubing, but I don't trust my welding ability that much just yet.
  10. Brent Merkley

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    my motorcycle with pedals

    This is my interpretation of a motorcycle made from a bicycle.
    for mb.comDSC00554DSC00554.jpg

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    for mb.comDSC00558DSC00558DSC00558DSC00558.jpg

    for mb.comDSC00560DSC00560DSC00560DSC00560.jpg
  11. Happy Valley

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    Motorcycles are custom made, such as by chopper builders making proprietary frames, and DOT licensed so they can apply legal VINs and supply MCo/MSOs to title and legally register a vehicle.

    The real weakness in modern, mass production, bicycle frames from is simply they are built to be lightweight with drawn tubing that was never specced to have engines clamped to it vs straight wall pipe that motorcycle manufacturers use. The larger the engine the more under-specced it is and why motor-assisted-bicycles are most appropriately utilized with small, low power, lightweight, helper engines. Just try to get a bicycle manufacturer to honor a bicycle warranty or cover liability after learning you clamped an engine on their product.
  12. MotorBicycleRacing

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    It can be done but high quality parts must be utilized.

    The current state of racing motorized bicycles is advancing rapidly.

    Felt Slater with Honda GC160 motor, racing bicycle project.

    Scotto's 212 cc Predator race bike was clocked at 65 mph and it's
    on a Felt cruiser frame too as shown below.
    The bike is geared for a bit under 50 mph for the races.

    This is not a current photo and doesn't show the upgraded wheels or disc brakes.

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  13. motorpsycho

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    If i want to go that fast on 2 wheels, i just hop on this...My vintage 66 triumph!

    if i want to go faster, I hop on this...My buddy Squiggys twin triumph drag bike.
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  14. Happy Valley

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    And I hope at least an ancillary consideration of participants and organizers, like in any organized vehicle racing association, is to promote the consensus and commonsense of delineating the differences between track and legal street use.
  15. Happy Valley

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    That's a beauty, no other bikes sounded like those Trumpets.
  16. bando_red

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    Well thats the part I'm a little more clueless about. what you would actually have to do to get it qualified legally as a motorcycle since it's no longer eligible to be a motorized bicycle. I found the requirements for scratch built automobiles, but haven't had any luck with motorcycles.
  17. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    You obtain or have someone that has a USDOT Federal Vehicle Manufacturers License sanction the vehicle. It's a process and not really that difficult but guidelines are followed and records must be kept. There are agents that act as consultants for a fee in acquiring the license also, I have no connection to this guy but here's one example: http://www.motorcycle-manufacturer-license.org/MCOs-MSOs-information.htm
  18. bando_red

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    This actually seems less difficult than I initially thought. Based on what you have all shown me here, it seems like the main challenge would be finding a bicycle that would be a good base.
  19. Happy Valley

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    Why mess with a bicycle if a motorcycle is what you really want, just build up or modify an existing mc frame.
  20. Ludwig II

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    Why not build a prototype bike that's low powered but is the shape you want, and use the experience to decide if you want to get something faster?