A new engine for a GEBE setup? Maruyama

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    I've been researching 2 stroke engines and though I think the Tanaka PF3300 that Golden Eagle Bike Engines sells is great, but, I'm always on the lookout for the latest and greatest, so my search took me to Maruyama engines because I have one one my weedeater.

    So, what I found is Maruyama's latest CER class of 2 stroke engines:

    Tanaka PF3300: CARB Tier II, phase II compliant, 2 year commercial warranty, 33 & 40 cc engines

    Maruyama: CARB Tier III, phase III compliant, 5 year commercial warranty, 30 and 42 cc engines, stainless steel muffler. The most significant visible change is internal; a pair of recirculator grooves across the exhaust face of the piston. These engines produce excellent power and torque characteristics with fuel economy as much as 50% lower than prior models.
    So I sent an email to Maruyama asking for more information and exact figures on gas consumption and engine improvements. Here's what he said:

    Emission reduction on the CER engines vs. previous stage 1 engines: CO - 89.9% reduction, THC + NOx 80.9% reduction without the need for a catalytic muffler.
    Fuel consumption reduction on the 30cc engine: 645 g/hr down to 370 g/hr - a 42,8% savings
    Maximum power increase: 1.1 to 1.22 - a 20% increase
    Maximum torque (N m): 1.27 to 1.47 - a 16% increase

    He also went on to say "Our patented piston design has the recirculator grooves on the exhaust side of the piston. At Top Dead Center of the piston, the recirculator grooves line up with the exhaust and transfer ports to recirculate some of the unburnt fuel particles. The unburnt fuel particles are reintroduced into the cylinder allowing for a more complete burn. This allows the engine to run more efficiently and with less harmful emissions.

    Please note: I am in no way affiliated with any bicycle engine or 2 stroke engine manufacturer. I am not selling anything here, just discussing the latest and greatest engine possibilities.

    Does the maruyama engine sound interesting to anyone here?