a noob want /needs to know about the kits to buy

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by wildone, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. wildone

    wildone New Member

    whats the best kit for a total noob to get started with and are they pretty much about the same motor and hardware other than the head and carb upgrade in some kits

  2. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    Your asking a loaded ?, kinda like talking politics. No best or worse, you'll get 30 different views for your answer. What are you looking for in a kit and what are you willing to do. Some kits are upgraded by the vendor and are ready to go, others will need upgrades to be dependable. What is your budget, bike style, purpose for riding etc.
  3. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    Yeah, darwin is right in that it's hard to say just what is 'best'.

    One way to look at it is to say that, maybe, the two cycle Chinese "Happy Time" engines and kits are the best simply because their inexpensive. That's a good way for a newbie to get familiar with motorized bikes without putting too much money at risk. That's the way that most of us get started and that's still my preferred drive train.

    Others could argue that various 4 cycle engines and kits are best because of durability and reliability. Fair enough. You just gotta bring more money to the table.

    But I can say this much; even the very cheapest kits are good enough for anyone who's willing to tinker with his bike and get his hands dirty. They'll aggravate you along the way, too. But that's just in the nature of the game.
  4. wildone

    wildone New Member

    Well wish me luck i got one online on ebay it a 80cc or so the add said.. I m gonna install it on my Diamondback.. its a fitting end of a bike i paid less than 20 bucks for. I got it figured i m out less than a couple of hundred buck if it dont work well and in the money if it does.. perhaps by this time next year i will be writing how to's on port timing and easy breezy hop up mods a guy can do at home.. so anyway i m hoping this turns out well ill keep ya posted
  5. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    Great! We're glad you're taking the plunge. I doubt if you'll be sorry.

    Life is good when you're riding a bike like these.

    As I've already mentioned, they'll also aggravate you from time to time. They're temperamental and need TLC. But it's every bit worth it because they're also very loveable little machines.
  6. wildone

    wildone New Member

    yo bluegoatwoods whats that dog in the picture saying
  7. bluegoatwoods

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    I'm not sure. I made two of those photos. One of them said,
    "A bike ride? You bet!"

    The other one said, "Congratulations Class of 2008". It was a little joke I made up for my daughter on graduation.

    It's meant to be a take-off of those school pics that sometimes turned out so badly. I opened the photo in MS Paint and made his eyes kinda beady and doctored his teeth a bit and got a pretty good impression of those pics that catch ones smile just wrong and look terrible.

    I think I've still got a full sized copy of it somewhere in this hard drive. When I've got a bit more time I'll look for it. If I find it, I'll come back here and post it.

    It's good enough for a quick laugh.
  8. wildone

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    So i got my motor and installed it.. not without a hiccup or two and the hardest thing being the rear sprocket and only having two hands to hold it with.. the chain kept popping when i rolled the bike. i checked the alignment and checked it again the sprocket runs true and the ajustment roller runs true with about a half inch slack in the top of the chain and still it pops when rolling the bike. i finally said screw it put the fuel in her and down the driveway we went.. She started in about 20 feet and another 20 feet and i was not peddling.. i rode about 1/4 mile and the popping was gone.. it just must of needed to stretch the chain a little bit but now the popping is gone.. the other hiccup was the chain gear and clutch rod housing screws were striped from the factory.. they must of been installed with a air or eletric impact gun. it took a impact driver to remove all three.. the rest of the install went without a hitch.. this thing is a blast to ride should of done this long ago
  9. wildone

    wildone New Member

    help guys i got a miss.. it seems to be a hi intensity miss from mid to hi rpm range it still runs but it just starts craping out.. any ideas??? i changed the plug and gap.. seem to run better but not much and still misses.. this must be the temperamental part you were talking about
  10. Slogger

    Slogger Member

    Hey I lived in Glendale once upon a time, when I was stationed at Luke. Used to tear up them back desert roads on a Norton Commando I built up from a basketcase.
    Nice place for biking ;0)
    Go by the autozone and pick up a new spark lead. The ones in the kits are not the best. They can be unthreaded from a spike that sticks out of the CDI box. Twist the new one on and see if it runs a little better. You also get to make it just the right length to look good.
    Good luck!
  11. wildone

    wildone New Member

    this thing is four-stroking bad enough that i m thinking on replacing the carb.. the nt carb has a vacuum leak and it still 4-strokes. i went to move the jet pin position to try to improve the problem and looked down and the whole side of my tire cords was coming undone. so i m stuck on a fix till payday two weeks away.. i m hoping the dellorto clone carb is a better carb than the stock Nt carb and the kevlar tire really is bullet proof.. better yet i can buy a new huffy beach cruiser at wallyworld cheaper than i can buy tires for my diamond back mtb.. so guys tell me what ya think bout the clone carbs
  12. Slogger

    Slogger Member

    If this is a new kit, and you just got it running, there will be a lot of 4 stroking. They are set up pretty rich to keep new engines from seizing up. Most of the guys say not to mess with it until you have 2 or even 3 gallons of gas run through it.
    I couldn't take it and started rejetting it after the first gallon, which only lasted about 65 miles!
    If it leaks air at the carb to manifold joint you can put an O ring in the throat and press it onto the manifold firmly while tightening the clamp, or even put sealant at the joint. The NTs have a good reputation and are fine for the china dolls. Jets are available in all sizes from Sick Bike Parts, the Dellorto 5mm ones will work, lots of the more experienced guys solder up the original jet then drill it out one step at a time to get the jetting they want. I just buy the $2.50 jets from SBP, I have a nice little collection since I fool around with different air filters and whatnot. The dellorto 5mm jets also fit the SHA clones (RT carbs), so they are pretty useful.
    I run a dellorto SHA clone. It runs great from idle to almost WOT, but at the top it just isn't as good as the little NTs. The idle is steady, it's easy to start and no sputtering- ever.
    You wrote, 'the whole side of my tire cords was coming undone'

    Maybe your drive chain is rubbing the tire and needs to be aligned. Otherwise, try bike tires direct.com- https://www.biketiresdirect.com/
    They have good deals and fast shipping on all kinds of tires. I got some fat conti's delivered for 20 bucks apiece, they have just about everything and ship fast.
    Hope this helps you a little. The tuning and bug fixing is all part of the fun.
  13. wildone

    wildone New Member

    thanks for the tips.. as far as the tire goes it sat out in the Arizona sun flat for a couple of years. i m lucky it held air as long as it did and not blow out on me. i caught it in time to save the tube so its just a tire replacement and thats no biggie.. and ill be getting a clone carb payday.