A Really Long Ride



Hi All,
As some of you know, I built 2 motored bikes a while back for me and my wife. The wife was not really into it, so I put them up for sale. They were both 80cc King's engines on Micargi Pantera cruiser bikes.
Anyway, I got a call from a fellow from NY who said he wanted to buy one and would come and get it. I thought - well, that's a long way to come, but ok. Long story short, the guy took a bus from NY to VA Beach, Virginia and walked to my house to pick up the bike from the bus station. He had a duffle-bag and a bottle of water and nothing else. After buying it, I asked him if he was headed back to the bus station and he answered "No, I'm gunna ride this bike to Savannah, Georgia!" No support team, no spare parts, no gas can, not even a map! :eek:
I sent the guy to the local Wal-mart to get a helmet and map and about 10-12 days later I got an e-mail from him saying that he had made it!
He drove from VA Beach, around the Outer Banks, and down the coast of NC, SC, and GA to Savannah without a single problem. I just thought I would post and let everyone know that those little 2-strokes are amazing! Who's next?

Im planning a round US ride at the moment - one happy time (trike) and myself on a GEBE... sponsorship for childrens cancer charities - all in all it should be about 8000 miles :S

Im looking at raising $500 - $1000 or so in donations/promises - if we can do that then its down to the in detail planning

wish us luck

Jemma xx

Hi Jemma
sounds like a great idea
if you will make it up to Seattle be sure and look me up before hand
good luck
Hi Jemma,
I'm in the Pacific Northwest as well, south of seattle. If you make it over this way let us know you will definately have contact/support points along the way. My humble home is open and of course my shop is at your disposal for maintenance, repairs, parts, whatever. Just say the word.:D
Hi Jemma -- that's really cool -- I think that you will have a lot of fun and what a great cause.. If you have San Diego Calif marked on your map - maybe my reporter friend John Mattes from Fox 6 News would be interested in an interview - if you are up for it ?

Happy Riding from - Mountainman
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