announcement of illegal and non-EPA engines


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Apr 24, 2007
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he said:"Many people have complained about illegal and non-EPA kits. People are bashing and threatening suspected vendors and customers. This behavior needs to stop."
ok, that i can agree with.
"If you strongly believe that all kits should be legal and EPA certified, go about reforming the industry in a positive way.

Support vendors selling EPA engines."
that's do-able. all day long.
"Report suspected EPA violators to the proper authorities.
Let the authorities punish the violators."
WHAT!?!?:eek::eek::censored:. You're talking about basically 'calling the cops' on somebody. Nobody likes a snitch.:censored::censored:
Furthermore, as motoredbikers, we run into problems with Johnny Law as it is. Why draw more attention, and create more strife than we already face?
And you can't say this is all about the vendors. Because with EPA-all-the-way attitudes, what's next? having to take your bike thru emmisions? what if it fails? are you going to have to carry a certificate? are they going to pull us over to check?
this really torques me, Tom. you're asking people to RAT on other people, who although may be selling non-EPA kits, thats THEIR business. why do you want to stick you nose in somebody elses life and make things harder for them? isnt life tough enough?

"Do Not:
Buy from vendors selling non-EPA or illegal products.
Publicly post your opinions about specific vendors.
Contact vendors directly to let them know your opinion."
those are all good, if thats what you want.

"Do Not:Try to take matters into your own hands." wait a second...didnt you just tell people to report violators? i know you probably meant don't bust into Bob's Smoggy Bike Motors and repo his stuff, but it would have the same results. by doing so, you're changing somebody's life. do you understand the significance of such an impact?

to everyone: in short, if you feel strongly about using only EPA approved kits, thats your business and you're welcome to it.
what I do, and what I'M using is MY business. stay the **** out of it.
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how do you know who is selling epa approved stuff anyways are we to take their word for it

is there even an epa requirement in canada
EPA just covers the USA.

While I don't agree with turning in vendors and importers to the authorities if you think they may be selling non-compliant bicycle engines, this forum is provided to us free of cost, and if the admins want to encourage that behavior, it is their house. They didn't say that we have to turn people in, but I do find it a little surprising that this is their stance. It is your personal choice whether you purchase an engine kit that may not meet emission standards.

Truth is that even a "legal" EPA compliant Mitsubishi or Tanaka two stroke is probably not legal if you follow the letter of the law. I'm pretty sure that the EPA compliance sticker is valid for an engine that is not used for "on road" purposes. In other words, a Mitsu TLE-43 may be legal for an edger, but not a motorized bike because emissions for "on road" engines may be more strict. As I've stated before, I think the EPA should relax the standards a little and not be so strict - but if you're a real boy scout, motorized bikes in any form may be illegal. (remember, my scenario is hypothetical and not based in fact!) The fragmentation of the MB community on this issue is not a good thing though.
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Adios, everyone. :(
Up 'til now it's been alot of fun here. :LOL:
But I will not be part of a dictatorship. :yuck:
Adios, everyone. :(
Up 'til now it's been alot of fun here. :LOL:
But I will not be part of a dictatorship. :yuck:

Don't see any reason for anyone to be a leaving -- but as we know -- freedom of choice USA --- let's keep it as close to FREE as we can !! I wouldn't want to buy an engine that was not Calif approved.. If I bought one knowing that it was not approved - that's on me... If on the other hand someone told me that it was and wasn't - shame shame - on them.... Happy Riding from - Mountainman
If the epa just covers the usa and there is no emissions program for motorcycles in canada one would be lead to believe that there is no restrictions on these motors in canada either........right???
Wade, you would have to check with the authorities in Canada. I'm sure that there is some manner of environment protection there. Just don't know what it would be called.