Another couple of pics from Indiana

Just for fun...

possibly the world's fastest whizzer, built by Johnny Johnson; custom fabricated overhead valve set-up. The valve cover was made from the bottom portion of an oxygen cylinder.
This beast has 240 LBS. of pressure in the cylinder!


There are no wheel brakes on this monster; the hydraulic disc is an engine brake which works like gangbusters; it will lock up the rear wheel in the half beat of yer heart!


The centrifugal variable speed clutch is from a go-kart, and transfers power from a belt drive to a chain final drive. The rear sprocket gives more torque than you can imagine.
Picture a 77 year old Johnny doing steady and constant wheelies up and down the asphalt for as long as you want!!!


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Thanks all,
Wild ride!

Is there a muffler inside that megaphone? Sure looks like there might be.
That is amazing. Someday I may try to get there. Not any day in the near future for sure... Very nice!
thats 1 sweet ride Rif, thanks for sharing it with us and weclome back I'm glad to see you made it safe and sound 8)
NICE, that rear bell on the pipe looks like a rain catcher. Does it have the truckers flap on it?
Really nice ride! 8)
How did your bike do on the trip. I remember the trouble you were having and got a different carb from Mike

Mike offered me the same carb for my Whizzer and still thinking about it.
Best Motored Bike

I have seen yet. Way class. I feel like I am whimp-rider now.

Ingenious and appreciate the work involved. Hope it runs as flawless as it looks.

Good one!