Stolen Another one stolen in Mesa AZ


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Jul 17, 2010
Had mine stolen from right in front of my house, with me home at the time. It was locked to my water spigot with a pair of police leg irons. I know there's plenty of keys out there for them, so i only meant it as a deterrent to use when i'm home. If i leave, in the garage she used to go.
I had just finished her too. 20" silver folding frame similar to a Dahon with a big ol' cush seat. A.C.S. 5 spoke black mag rims, Honda gx31 4 stroker connected to a friction drive i machined myself. Dual bearing support, spindle sleeves for 1-1/8, 1-3/16 and 1-1/4 spindles, even made the clutch drum out of Inconel718 which gave her a unique "ring" whenever the it engaged. Whoever has her now has a bike that's gonna last a long time. And a nice pair of cuffs to boot.
I had only just gotten to know her, hadn't even taken a family photo yet....
She will be missed.
I'll keep my eyes open - I drive through Mesa most days.

What part of town are you talking about?

Did you leave the engine the standard Honda red?

Did you paint or anodize the friction drive channel?

I assume it was reported to the police?
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Was snatched near Gilbert and University.
Yeah the engine is still the standard red guarding, and the drive is the raw aluminum stock.
I think the biggest stand out on her was the black 5 spoke mags. You don't see those much anymore, especially on a folding bike.
She's been reported, but i didn't have any serials written down.
Thanks for keeping an eye out and having a brothers back.
You ever need any machining work done, drop me a line.
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I hate @^#$% thieves!!!
I am sorry to hear of your loss! I sincerely hope that you get it back in pristine condition.
I bet that is was a neighbor or friend of one that has been watching you on it.
I saw your ad on CL, Dave
if I see it you can forget about the reward, I wouldn't accept it from you
(us motoredbikers need to look out for each other ;))
The engine was bought used on ebay. Had been ripped out of a 10 year old tiller.
If i saw somebody on it it would be tempting to run him over, but i wouldn't because i might hurt the bike!
B.T.W. I finally found the name of the manufacturer of the bike itself.
Was a "Unis" mfgd in Yugoslavia.
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A third and now a 4th gone in Mesa. I'm starting to build #5, but i keep asking myself "why bother"
#3 happened about 6 months ago. totally custom drive. Honda gx50, custom clutch mated to a right drive from an angle grinder so the motor faced forward, output shaft straight back.
This one was lifted over the stop sign she was chained to.
#4 was a huasheng 49cc with a custom belt drive. Hard to miss because she had a 11 inch rear pulley, solid aluminum. beach cruiser, dark blue. This one had the cable cut with bolt cutters right outside walmart about 2 months ago.
I really hope i never see anyone riding them.
That makes 4.
#5 is gonna be my last.
No offense, but if it's happened that many times, and you're still using only one lock/cable system when locking up, it's a bit on you.
Here's your options
1) Three, yes 3 locks, one "U" one heavy cable, one heavy chain/lock.The stop sign lift, they usually have holes in the angle iron you could put a lock through.
2) There are GPS chips, and motion sensors you can put on your bike/engine
3) This is the route I'd take, instead of buying bikes and cheapo engines only to have them ripped off, I'd
Save my pennies
get things together
and MOVE from areas where bikes are ripped off every time they're locked up.
Your town is or has turned to s.h.i.t., no offense, cities that turn are like bad plumbing, they only get worse, if the whole system isn't replaced the bad just moves around, sound familiar?
It's better to get out while you can, but that's up to you.