As far as motor scooters go, is this a good one?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Abc111, Sep 2, 2008.

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    Not sure I would want to push 27 mph, let alone 37 mph on something with tires that small...

    Not a bad deal for $329 with free shipping, although you could buy a walmart bike and a HT for less money and have a more comfortable and safe ride!
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    You'r right but a bike might be 80-140 dollars and an engine along with all needed components would be 390.Plus, because i'm mechanichally challenged, I'd have to pay a shop to put it together.So it could be anywhere from 550-650+.I'd prefer to have the bicycle and it will be safer but you cant beat the price of the scooter.Will a 4 cycle bicycle engine be as loud as this scooters engine persay?
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    Its a go-ped in drag basically... but one of the better built adaptions I have seen.

    It depends on the exhaust setup - but by the looks of the machine it will have been civilised somewhat. also considering that its a go-ped based machine there will be alot of tuning parts about for it.

    Depending on how stock it is you might be able to get long throw suspension front forks for it which will make it a nicer ride, and a suspension seatpost/seat might also be advisable.

    As the engine is a two stroke a tuned pipe would boost your top speed but personally 35mph is more than enough on a full sized bike

    With the indicators and brakelights/headlight that would be legal in the UK as far as I can see, although the cops would get a major strop on since its so similar to a go-ped which are uber-illegal over here...

    Jemma xx
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    Well I'm 14 so i wont be driving it around on any streets but it would be nice as a park driver or something to ride around the cul de sac with.
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    I bought one of those (used for $90) for my son. It has a hard time making about 17mph. VERY RICKETY! Rattles apart as you ride, trunk fell off, handlebars rattle apart, etc. If you think HT's vibrate, they are a BMW compared to one of these. Mine was a "Freedom scooter" but exactly the same. It will NOT do anywhere close to 30mph, and because of the small tires and rake, very unsafe. My daughter wiped out on it because it is so unstable. One more thing, if you ever need to air up the tire, the axle, chain, etc. all have to be removed to access the valve stem in the rear. NOt an easy job. On the plus, it does have brake lights and turn signals...I sold mine and am glad i did. The HT bike is much safer...
  7. junk goped

    I found the same scooter laying beside the street curb waiting for the garbage truck while Motorbiking. I stopped and took a look at the little scooter with the thought of taking it home. After looking at the goped I decided not to bother with it. Reasons!!! The frame had been broken and unsuccessfully repaired. The bike looks sturdy but under the plastic floorboard is a really flimsy frame[where the break was] As the other poster noted adding air to the rear tire is a big problem[no easy way to get the pump attached to the valve stemm] and chain adjustment looked odd too .
    Save your money :yuck::yuck::yuck::yuck:
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    I would have taken it for all the good electrical parts and that fancy electric start engine, it would make for a great scrubber drive system. Oh well I guess its a chance missed RB :)
  9. no missed chance

    The engine was locked up. The electric start was part of the pull rope start system. The all plastic starter housing was broken and the starter armature was missing. A real basket case.
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    Sounds like somebody really beat the **** out of the thing. No wonder the broken frame. They probably figured it was go-ped riot quality.