AUS - 49cc pitbike duel sus MTB

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    Hi guys,

    Been building motorised bikes for a few years now, been building bikes in general for over 10 years, used to work as a bicycle tech many years ago also, nice to build bike for fun now instead for my bread and butter!!

    anyway here is my dual sus MTB with a 49cc pit bike engine rack mounted using 10mm solid bar rack bolted to the alloy frame using hi-vibration resistent clamps and direct drive to a pit bike sprocket bolted to 6PCD disc brake rotor mount..

    longer chain arrived today so will be able to test it very soon, the old pit bike engine has a crack in the casing (un-repairable) (thanks EBAY seller) anyway will run it till it dies and have already ordered a replacement motor that i will install asap!!


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    Don't know if this would be any help, but I repaired a crankcase crack on a Briggs 12 hp engine once with high-temp oil resistant epoxy, figuring I'd do like you said - run it till it died.

    It wouldn't die! I sold that vehicle two years later, and about 8.000 miles down the road from the repair. It was still going strong, and showed no signs of leakage. Also used a similar epoxy to repair the mounting collar (two cylinder horizontally opposed engine with seperate barrel mounting collars) of a 65 year old stationary diesel used to run a grist mill. There was zero hope of getting parts, and having one machined was cost prohibitive. The engine ran just fine thereafter, and was still running the last time I corresponded with the owner, 14 years after the repair.
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    good looking build.