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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by Mopedamauter79, Aug 4, 2008.

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    I have the motor finally installed on a new Bike frame and I release the clutch so I can pedal the bike and it moves 3-4feet forward and the back wheel locks up. I push it backwards while the wheel is locked from going forward and it moves...

    I don't understand why it can move backwards but not forward. I'm so not mechanically inclined for these kinda things..But there so fun to drive at the same time..

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    I would double check and make sure that the clutch is rigged right. If you have the engine going and the clutch in neutral you should be able to get off of the bike and pick up the back wheel and the back tire should not be turning at all. If it is you need to tighten up your clutch cable.

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    Sounds like the chain is bunching up (getting stuck) between the small sproket and the clutch casing. Youll see it if you take the cluch arm cover off. (when you push it backwards its "un" bunching) Give the chain a little more tension so it dosent have as much slack. Also take a file or emery cloth to the sprokets to remove any manufacuring burrs and coatings.
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    I need to pedal it to be able to engage the motor first..
  5. Is this a coester brake bike or a free wheel bike?????
    It sounds like a problem in the bike wheel hub
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    Yes, when you are peddaling the chain is spinning (even though the clutch is in neutral) and the chain is bunching up at the small sproket. (under the cover) This has happened to me twice. Maybe im wrong, but its worth a peek. :grin:

    Or, one of my old posts... What I did was... took off all covers and took a peek. Everything seemed in place> the little rod and ball bearing was there. So... I took out the spark plug (to reduce compression and allow tire not to be locked up) put in 2 drops of oil for lubrication, went out for a 1/2 block ride with the clutch stuck on. YEA! since this was a brand new install something must have been hung=up from thick grease or a tranny part was'nt seated. But taking it out for a peddal (without starting it) must have moved everything into place. Thanks again. Graucho
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    It's not a new install it was one a different frame and worked before and it's on a normal mountain bike with gears and everything.
  8. Mopedamauter79

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    Turns out it was the master chain link that was stopping it from moving as there was a extra piece on it that made that link thicker then it should of been. I had not noticed this at all till my gf figured it out and pointed this out to me..

    So it does run however I have the following problems.

    The accelerator handle grip has NO effect on the bike accelerating at all. I tried adjusting the idler but it has no effect..

    I have noticed the clutch cable keeps slipping and that the plastic is going through that thing that guides it to the clutch arm and is on the other side of the carb.

    Could the problem be the clutch not being probably engaged or disengaged ??

    Finally the JB weld did NOT hold. The engine heated it up and made it very soft and you can peel it off with your fingers..

    Suggestions ?
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    i think each of your questions are in the search feature.
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    In which form ??
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