Best Bike

This is the best bike I ever built. Last year I only had to change oil & polish the chrome. Thank You Japan for the killer reliable Robin/Subaru.
My garage is full of broken bikes, with the exception of this one../.. And yes, she's been around the Block!

OLE' RELIABLE has its' merits.

Z -Zena.jpg
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Wow!! Where's the fuel? Looks like a very well thought out design. Love the wheels too. What a nice machine. Great job Zombie!
That drive train is beautiful too. I'm going to go search for the construction thread for inspiration for my bike. How big is that Robin engine?
Robin 35

She is a 35 cc. All stock. Starts on 2nd pull when cold. 1st when all warmed up. Not the fastest bike in the barn, but solid 22 mph. Fuel tank is under motor. No mix, just regular gas. I love pedaling her backwards.
Looks GREAT Zomby...i can see why your so proud.
BTW,Nothing like it is there.."made in japan".....kinda speaks for itself.
hi zombie nice frame and wheel question what is the bike frame called so i can look it up been looking for a strech frame and me likes thanks sick !!!
larry ca
i get busy 'round here, but i see this stuff on the fly and am still daily-amazed at
the stuff y'all come up with...doesn't look quite dyno or micargi...?

micargi with better rear-dropouts?

anywhatever, she's beautiful...but, it could be coated in rust and
corrosion and i'd still completely admire yer engineering skills :cool:

please tell us you're coming to the august rally with some of your bikes...
American Flyer

I believe they call this bike a coupe-deluxe. I bought it damaged at the swap meet in 2003 and I have seen them since for sale at a local shop in Escondido. Brand new one costs about 300 but EEbay about 220. Bought it with regular stock cruiser stuff on it coaster rear, springer front. Good frame for adding a jack shaft, this one has a pillow bearing supported jack shaft that is bolted to a weld on plate.
She has grease fittings & rolls soo smooth. Compensates for slight mis alLiGn MENTS of the drive axle bearings.

pillow drive 1.jpg

pillow drive 2.jpg I love Her.... Better than my bottom bracket design... Might have to take a step in the reverse direction with future builds....
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