Exhaust best budget exhaust for grubee skyhawk engine

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    what would be the best exhaust to add to a 66cc grubee skyhawk engine? my bike works well now but the top speed is sort of, not as good as it should be. whats a decent exhaust with a decent expansion chamber for a decent price? with my current exhaust the pipe that connects to the cylinder is circular, not square, so that is probably part of the problem.

  2. IDK Much about those engines. Sorry post a pic
    Also before you go and get an expansion chamber did you do any portwork or cylinder work,head work? You might want to consider that before you go getting your expansion chamber and new exhaust P.S. GOOD LUCK.
    And as always have fun and be safe
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    litterally all 2 stroke engines that fit bike frames intentionally are grubee skyhawks, or based on their design. the engine you have in the picture you have for your profile is a grubee skyhawk. thats the only 2 stroke kit around thats made to fit a bicycle other than the electric start bullet train kit which only 1 person sells.
  4. And this exhaust salesman behind yje curtain is?
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