best kit for my bike?

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    So, im new to the grand world of motorized bicycles, though i have been building bikes for quite a long time. Im currently working on a board track racer and decided to add a little nonhuman power to her. The bike weights in at around 60 lbs and i come in at 175. With that weight, im figuring a 80/66cc kit will be preferable. My question is... which kit should i go with? Id like something with a little pep but i dont wanna go with a ridiculously expensive kit. I need some opinions and guidance. Let me know which kit you recommend and why. Thanks in advance.

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    Cheap motor from reliable source, you take it as stock (usually enough pep for the common user) or mod stock with really simple tools and skill for a motor with extra pep. Slant head offers better compression (more pep) as a stock kit goes.

    Stay away from gasbike, unless you want to give their ebay listings a shot, if they screw up you at least have ebay to protect you from their bad ethics.

    Bicycle_motor_works from eBay is an American based seller, right here in PA (actually basically next door to me city-wise) he sells stock kits in silver, black, and red, the price isn't all that bad for a kit. I know he personally inspects all his items before accepting them as sellable products (as in he makes sure he isn't selling sh*t products because he actually cares.) He also has some of the best business ethics I've seen out of anybody on ebay. He also custom machines his high compression heads in his shop, so you know you're getting a genuine American cut product. Also sells good quality Carbide bits that make porting nice and easy, and unlike the variety you find at places like harbor freight they don't break down and explode after a few small cuts.

    My 2 cents.
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