Best mounting plate for predator 212


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4:42 PM
Aug 31, 2023
Sacramento, California
Ok so as some of you probably know, I am trying to do a predator 212 project and I have the bike for it I just need a mounting plate for it (preferably bolt in) has good mounting plates, you just have to weld them in. I sent you a link to it a while back. If you ate looking for bolt on maybe @DieselTech could help you out. He's building a 224 bike that i believe has a bolt on plate.
That bike will need a chain tensioner because of the horizontal drop outs. Its obviously someones project based on the magic gearing of the single speed drive train. Those were 3 by 6, maybe 7 speed drive trains stock.

Definitely talk the seller down because that is bike is worth $100-175.

I think if you're set on motorizing that bike a bt 100 or something from zeda would be a much better choice as the 212 will easily weigh more the rest of the build. Stripped down like that I'd say its under 30 lbs.
Yeah but I already got the 212 and I agree that it’s not worth even half of what he wants for it but I’m trying to get 200 for it