212 guys and tires


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Oct 11, 2023
Please only answer if you’re running a 212 mb or have good firsthand knowledge and experience running bicycle tires at high speeds (consistently 40-50+) and I don’t mean to get up to 39 going down hill with a tailwind. I mean you’re racing 212’s or some similar fast mb. I wanna know what tires are holding up the best to the constant torque of a 212, have good grip even on wet ground and are lasting the longest. Please no guesses and no rabbit holes or silly questions or theories. I’ve tried finding speed rated tires that will fit a 26” bicycle rim, and either can’t or they are ridiculously expensive (like $200 a tire for some), and they’re NOS which means a very limited supply. So what bicycle tires can handle these speeds and preferably have a 2 ply sidewall.
I don't have any experience but alot of the guys running 212 like the maxxis hookworms. Ill be putting those on my Phantom build. Ive also heard the bell comfort glides with Kevlar are a good option too. Maybe ask @Jayraye39 what tires he runs. He goes fast consistently
One thing about the hookworms is they.are 2.5 inches wide. They are quite wide and some people have issues with chain clearance
Hopefully chain clearance isn’t an issue for me. The engine can be moved side to side a bit and with a moped hub I can use washers to move the sprocket out a bit if I need to.
Yeah, any constant speeds over 50 mph you'll need a better tire than an average bicycle tire
But for speeds up to 50 mph I recommend Cheng Shin Classic Knobbies

I ride all day at speeds of 40 - 45 mph and can go 50+ mph if I want
I put over 41K miles in 18 years on my Whizzer and never had a tire failure running 26x 2.125 Cheng Shin Classic Knobbies
Yes I go on 100 miles ride too, so those tires have been thru alot of abuse, Back tire lasts about 1500 miles
The Classic Knobbie also has the original Whizzer Retro look


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