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Feb 28, 2012
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Bicycle-Engines is the bicycle engine conversion specialists. Are you still pedalling? Motorize your bike today! Bicycle-Engines is a motorized bicycle dealer located in Montana.

Products: Bicycle motors, engine kits and accessories.
Location: 1490 Harper Pucket Rd, Bozeman, Montana, USA, 59718
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i get all my parts from him if you have a 4 stroke Engine kits, parts you will need him hes got time to help you also .and shipping is very fast and fair .and he has been doin this for a long time and not going to mess no one around top notch
Stay away from "" aka "BirddogDistribting"!

Bought a muffler from these guy's, BIG MISTAKE! They shipped the wrong one. I had to prove it with pictures and ship it back, (my expense of course). Was missing half the mounting bracket and the connection nut is now the wrong size, (they were wrong about them all being the same size). What am I going to do keep shipping this stuff back and forth to Montana????

This muffler (Poo Poo Pipe) better fit your bike perfectly because if you try to bend it even a little it will break in half. Now I'm stuck with a $60. piece of junk that wouldn't work even if it wasn't broken. :(

Two emails and two phone calls, no Response no Action no Apologies!

I'll never deal with these arrogant people again!!!!!!!!! Neither should YOU!!!!
Rear rack mounted tank good quality

I have purchased many things from and have been very satisfied.Just bought a rear rack mounted tank..which is a good setup. The tank and rack are strong but the paint and hardware are a little week like all the the china made stuff.
I've ordered parts 4 or 5 times from them. I've always been happy them, even when they goofed on an order but made it right immediately. They are very easy to reach by phone. I recommend highly.
I ordered a "vintage style tank" what was sent didn't match the picture or size of the one on their site. It was also rusted on the inside, dented and scratched. I called them and sent it back, at my expense. It took 12 days after it arrived back to them for it to be "checked in". During that time phone calls and email where not returned. Finally they said they would refund my money. They did not offer or do anything to make up for the shipping costs incurred due to their mistake. I WOULD NOT ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN
Just recieved another it in 3 days with a thank you card ! I will say that the service has continued to improve.

I just received my first purchase from I placed the order on Wednesday, and the parts were in my mail box on Saturday. Upon recepit, I was very satisfied with the expediancy in which my order was handled. My order was appropriately packaged and arrived in good order. I should add that the part I ordered was not in stock locally or at at any other well-known vendors. I guarantee I will be doing business with them again.