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Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by ZnsaneRyder, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. ZnsaneRyder

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    Since here at Wild In The Streets we are in to lots of speed and big horsepower, lets post our wild motored bike creations with BIG engines!!!!

    All you folks here with Briggs & Stratton, Honda, Lifan, or other engines, FEEL FREE to post your unique creations! Over 100cc's, on or off the bike, it's all good here!

    This is not about legality, its about fun without limits, power, and SPEED!!!

    My Engine:
    196cc 4-stroke Lifan engine 6.5HP rated at the stock 3600RPM
    Modified with increased intake, no RPM limiter, estimated 5000RPM
    Max Speed 49.9MPH as shown by my Bell Bike Computer, and regularly hits 45-48mph with ease
    Mounted to bike trailer in order to fit large engine to the bicycle :evil:

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  2. Mountainman

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    a cool thread -- and I enjoy the thought of your large cc engine on that trailer

    got to love being pushed by something like that !!!

    been having some thoughts about building a large cc motor bike

    looking forward to seeing what comes in here ----- ride that MB thing
  3. ZnsaneRyder

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    A saw somewhere here that someone was going to use a Briggs 3.5 on their bike.

    Also s_beaudry built a nice, compact trailer with a 6.5HP Briggs

    Gotta love the big engines, where the little engines max out, the torque curve is just hitting it's power peak on the big engine!
  4. Alaskavan

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    I haven't gotten around to working with this one yet. 45hp rotary, built by Outboard Marine Corporation, Weighs about 40 lbs.


    Or this one. 585cc(?) Bombardier Rotax, water cooled.

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  5. Motormaker

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  6. stude13

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    hi; size is not necessary if you use the right engine. try a morini or polini engine. they can be found often on c/list powering pocket and trail bikes. it is easy to get them to turn 13,000rpm. mitch
  7. ZnsaneRyder

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  8. ZnsaneRyder

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    A new BIG engine (not really big lol) for the bike! ON THE BIKE!:shock:

    It's 79cc and 2.5HP @ 3600RPM, so this baby should have more torque than a Honda GXH50.

    I just got one of these engines Friday, and I'm awaiting my 4 inch 40-chain Hilliard Extreme-Duty Clutch for it. :evil:

    I plan to mount this engine over the back wheel and use a chain drive. Similar to what the Honda GXH50 guys do, but with a larger engine. Shipping sticker on the box says the engine weighs 24.8 lbs, so it hopefully isn't much heavier than a 50cc 4 stroke. Either way, all that matters is that it will mount up properly, and I can keep the bicycle safely balanced and not fall off.

    Also, I need to get a good 40-chain sprocket for the rear bike wheel. What would you folks recommend?

    I plan on going to a 24-inch plastic tuff-wheel and I'm going for ultimate MPG and reliability compared to my 6.5HP trailer. Also the 6.5 is way too big for the bike, so the 2.5 should fit better.
  9. Motormaker

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  10. Alaskavan

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    I run KMC 910 Extreme Freestyle chain for all applications that use chain. It's strong, and it's quality. I get sprockets from Andrew at King's Sales and Service. I like dealing with people who ride, they understand my needs.
  11. ZnsaneRyder

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  12. Big engines?

    Hi well I dunno if you guys realized this, BUT the Whizzers are the biggest legal engines on bikes that I know of, at 138cc's they are waaayy bigget than the so-called 80cc chinese (67.9 approx).

    Here is my favorite, my Model 09 Board Track Racer, with the BTR OHV exposed drivetrain.

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  13. ZnsaneRyder

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    I noticed the Whizzer engines looked pretty big, but wasn't sure of the cc's.

    Thanks for the info on that!

  14. ZnsaneRyder

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    Mountainman, It's a joy like no other in the world! Not the same type of joy you get from a fast car or a motorcycle.

    It's a unique feeling of joy like a kid on his new bicycle, but many times over.

    The fulfilling of an old childhood dream of having a real bicycle with an engine, and coupled with the scary feeling that you are going way too fast and feeling the strong wind on you while watching the ground below you rushing by at dangerous speeds. It's awesome and an adrenaline rush like nothing else!!!

    And yes, I will continue to ride that thing!!!!!! :smoking:
  15. ZnsaneRyder

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    I just ordered my new Plastic 7-spoke 24" wheel and 48T Freewheel sprocket!

    I'll keep you folks posted. I'm trying to finish this bike to give my trailer a break.
  16. ZnsaneRyder

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  17. Haggard

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    Road the trike all last winter. The cruiser has yet to be finished.


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  18. ZnsaneRyder

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    That trike is P I M P! I love the off-road tires, chopper fork, and the huge engine on the back! It looks different than some GX 160's, is that an older engine?

    Also, the GC160, are you keeping the cover off? BTW, it looks like a good bike engine with the straight cylinder.

    NICE big engine rides! Can't wait to see the cruiser finished!
  19. BrettMavriK

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    Pretty soon,
    There will be a Next Generation Happy Time Motor
    that is all made out of Billet. Completely balanced and trued,
    with optimum porting and port timing. All O-ring sealed.
    This motor will have more than twice the horsepower than the
    original, and rev much higher. It will last much longer and be
    more reliable too.

    All for a price you can't beat anywhere.........period.

    My chopper does 44 mph in 4th gear right now with the bad stock fuel curve.
    With the correct jet, I'll push past 50mph with a stock motor.

    I can't wait to try the new billet motor on my bike.

    Stay Tuned...... =-]'

  20. mabman

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    Here's the one I want.