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    Hi all! I'm new to the forum and to the hobby. I want to start my build, but have some concerns about bike and motor choice. I am 6'4"tall and weigh 250 lbs and need advice on best choices to accommodate my height and weight. Any help would be awesome. Thanks!

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    Welcome aboard.

    Your height is going to be a bigger problem than your weight. 250 is not really all that much. Unless maybe you live in really mountainous territory.

    But even your height won't be too much of a problem. I'd advise getting a long seat post. A lay-back style will come in handy, too. But make it long so that it goes down deep into the seat tube even when you've got your seat up high.

    Here's something that'll seem counter-intuitive; I'd get some heavy duty 24 inch, yes....twenty four inch....wheels. I just recently made that switch myself. And I'm happy with the results. My 'footprint' on the road is definitely more stable. And those wheels are stronger because of both the stouter spokes and the shortened diameter. I'm six feet, zero inches. But those shorter wheels haven't brought me down as low to the ground as I'd feared. And you'll be able to be comfortable with that long seat post.
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    Unless you've an aversion to different things, I would suggest a LWB or CLWB recumbent.Style and comfort beyond imagination.They can get pricy, but also can be craigslists steals.A Sun EZ Sport, or Tour Easy are good examples, the EZ being the least expensive, the TE much more, then the German/Netherlands stuff, as much as some cars.
    Go to the "bentrideronline" forums, check around.If it's just a hobby you may want a standard cheapo DF bike, but your hands, wrists, back, and a.s.s. will not be happy. MarkWinter.jpg
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    The Surly Disc Trucker is one of the largest framesets around at 64cm seat tube length for the largest size IIRC. It is pricey but RTW (around the world) capable cromoly touring frame, easy enough to swap out the fork for a suspension fork as was my plan. Gusset Lofty seatpost 27.2mm would fit it and is the longest I have found, to set the seat high but still reinforce the clamped area of the seat tube. Of course, I should point out I never actually built my motorised bike (cost for what i want was too high so still trying to save up) but this is in general bike questions. :)
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    suggestions for how to get more grunt out of your small engine are on my site (click on my signature link)
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    I'm 6'2" @ 220 lbs and my Sikk Fat Bike is almost too big. Will handle up to 300 lbs no problem. Tight fit with a 4-stoke 79cc. I like it and would recommend it.