bike won't start, just splutters when trying to start

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  1. firerider

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    hello everyone been a while since I been here am riding a grubee 80 cc with a cns carb. Develop a problem yesterday while riding,bike cut off going up a hill and started a rattling noise in engine. I using a 32:1 mix of oil,I believe I have spark because it trieds to fire but when I pull the plug it is dry .put my old carb on and the same thing.Do anyone have any ideas what might be wrong, open to all advice.

    Thank so much ,Richard

  2. Huotalicus

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    Me too so i checked magneto m found dis
    Mine too

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  3. Big Red

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    Improper fireing can cause a rattle in the engine, Seems all the newer posts today are coming down to the COIL. A weak coil can cause the problems you describe.
    Big Red.
  4. butterbean

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    Spark plug would be wet with a weak coil. When the engine shuts off when you're out of gas, it makes a little "rattle" when burning the last of the fuel. Kinda sounds like a very faint shaking of a spraypaint can or empty soda cans dragging down the road (like rednecks do when they get married). Did you check to see if you have gas in your tank? If you do, are you sure it's getting to the carb? Also possible that your coil died, but even then, the plug would be wet after trying to start.
  5. Huotalicus

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    Hey butter bean when i pull the spark plug it is wet so what does than ran exactly ? Weak coil? Need new cdi? Or coil like in the pic ?
  6. butterbean

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    If the plug is wet and it's not firing, it's either a fouled plug or a weak/dead coil.
  7. Huotalicus

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    U mean coil yes not Cdi? Cuz I've swapped plugs Cdi and tried another magneto but not sure if it was off a running engine what if i replace the cdi the magnet coil and the spark plug and make sure no air leaks?? How dobi know if engine is blown!? Or is it not the case. N more less parts rather than blown engine? If a piston ring is broken how do we tell?? I'm just trying to figure out why one day it just died it did have slipping starts but removed pads adjusted clutch and now it engages like if should..