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Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by blackmarkus, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. blackmarkus

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    Here is the first pic of my new chopper. It is currently in the fabricators shop haing some mods done. I will post some more when it comes back .

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  2. spunout

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    thats sweet :). what kind/size of frame is that?
  3. blackmarkus

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  4. azbill

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    niiiiiice ! :D
  5. Simon_A

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    What sorta brake setup are you going to use?
  6. blackmarkus

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    it has a disc on front and coaster rear. I have just spoken to the fabricator and he said it will be ready in 2 days .I will post detailed pics then as it has been a long haul.
  7. spunout

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    i cant tell from your pic, but were you able to keep all of the spokes on the rear wheel?
  8. blackmarkus

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    yes ,I'm glad somebody asked me ,it took me 2 days to workout how exactly to mount the sprocket. I ended up drilling out all of the holes in the sprocked and the mount so that they would take a bolt with a 12mm head(m8) then I used bolts with 8mm head (m5) with large washers. Worked a treat
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  9. spunout

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    thats what i did, too. with 74-spoke wheels, though. was able to keep the same bolts, but i had to make the rubber mounts myself out of conveyor belt.

    nice looking bike. micargi makes good product.
    feels good to have not only a motoredbike, something people dont see every day, but also to have a unique motoredbike, huh.
  10. Stan4d

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  11. A-TownTX

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    jack shaft

    ur opinion do you think a jack shaft could be rigged to it some how. cuz that was gonna be my next project that or a limo stretch cruiser but I was wanting a jack shaft so i wouldnt have to bolt anything to my back spokes