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    boy go fast is a really bad company we bought a bike engine kit and its transmission sprocket blew apart shotting bearing everywhere and cause the clutch to burn out .i save for 8 months to get this motor kit for my husband who has charo marie tooth disease muscular dystrophy so that he can go places i keep emailing rick shi and he keeps asking for pictures then says he cant open them my opinon is he is a total crook who loves to take advantage of people we live on disability and it would take us forever to be able to raise enough money to fix it i think it a terrible way to run a business i have written to him aleast 50 times and still have not got anything resolved it came with no instructions ,missing parts that he had to fabricate himself and when it ran it only lasted 10 miles WE ADVISE YOU TO STAY AWAY THIS COMPANY PLEASE KNOW IT WOULD BE IN YOU BEST INTEREST TO DO SO :veryangry: