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    Now you may not believe this but back in the 1990's I was working with an electronic commission issue that I consider a contract of recording arts and entertainment as well as command. I arrived based solely upon at this conclusion due my parents had grown up in the old days my father and his relatives survived the navy in WWII and although he was injured we and was shell shocked most of his life he was an intelligent man and I'd known he was still in dispute and I believed that to be related to history before his date of birth and mine not his duty. Anyway I'd mention my time as desirable related to marketable artistic expression. One of the ideas was the bicycle engine as it appears in a kit form today. Back at the time I'd never seen one or even heard of one but the in knowing the recording time and content how it was divided and argued I'm not doubting it relates. The only thing I can recall that strikes me as odd was noting while entertaining myself with song as well story was the Lucas # 2 which if anyone does not know is a high temperature bearing application for most part but the mention of it is it supposed to be used as a 2 stroke fuel additive as part of the idea it's high temperature and will lubricate better than any 2 stroke oil will.
    So for the few whom are not interested in replacing or rebuilding a cast aluminum paper thin cylinder with a chrome plate thinner than Fat Jesse James McCain's wallet better take my word for it use the Lucas #2 2 heaping tablespoons per gallon should be plenty enough and work better than everything else . Now I'll bet everyone has a reply to this advise. I've got the natural diamond in that little box and it's now epoxied to the surface of the pressure plate and yup the gears are covered with a generous amount of Lucas #2 have not run it yet the wet clutch will likely last a good while properly adjusted. The clutch itself will likely see a light film most of the application is aimed at the gears to keep them quiet I'll wait see what happens. Having much less luck assembling the old 39' Cadet ZEP than I'd ever thought to this point. Hope to get it running soon got the Nazzi 3 speed with brake hub and the front hub roller bake won't fit so that's out for now but hope to get the little hitler going soon and gas everyone I see with the sons a *****..

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    That's one heck of an intro there, not sure what to say. Welcome to the forum.
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    I like this guy, he has that "crazy" look that we, who deal with these bikes, can relate to.
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    Well thanks and I enjoy entertaining if possible but I'm actually quite serious about have a motorized bike for alternate transportation.
    I've been working on an antique bicycle over the past few weeks as far as I'm aware it's a Wards manufactured in the depression era.
    I'm employing some bike parts to motorize it and hope to get it in service before the end of this year. I'm in need of a bearing that I can mount in the sprocket that will work as a freewheel that also works in both directions braking and peddling as the Nexus hub with brake if anyone knows where I can order one please inform and thanks..
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    Welcome to the forum. I may need to read your post a few times to grasp it all.
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    Sure well find some humor and set it aside for a minuet, as I mentioned I'd like not to complain about the lack of tools I have to work with but in the project I'm working on I need a bearing that will work the same way my 3 speed Nexus brake hub work mounted in the sprocket in order to both peddle and brake with installing another 3 speed in place of a bottom bracket which in this instance is likely the best way to employ a Nexus 3 speed and Jack Shaft. Not to continue BUT this Jack Shaft kit is typical problem is the output on the engine does not align with the transfer correctly and must be changed as well. This project is not that complex but I don't own a machine shop. I'll like get this bike assembled with one Nexus 3 speed without cutting the bike frame to install a second Nexus that would work nicely as a bottom bracket if modified. Hey forget the one piece perfectly balanced one piece crankshaft two piece bolt together connecting rod and micrometer and any 66 cc enhancements for now but I do like having some advantages that are both durable and worth some modest effort. Finding parts without fabricating them is a challenge I'd prefer to avoid no less needs meet demands and create enterprise ..