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    I am whizzerb / Brain been around the NEW Whizzer in 1998 1999 and was the 5th Whizzer dealer set up with Whizzer USA. I grew up in the Harley-Davidson world from day one so I have the MOTOERD bike gene in my DNA...Haaaa So back to Whizzer I was a VERY active WHIZZER enthusiast and I STILL am. JUST wish I had MOOR time as I am VERY busy with H-D
    I have been talking with Joe Lin the Whizzer MFG and will be helping with NEW parts supply and MOTOR KITS!
    Hope I can share any info as I had a Whizzer form that was taking over by internet spam. I am VERY happy I called and talked to a GOOD guy "Brent M" that told me about this sight so VERY interested in talking Whizzer again.....

  2. Hello Brian

    Hi, Brian, and welcome here, Wife and I missed you at the last few Whiz-ins! We now are having a Spring AND Fall run up here in the California Delta. Apparently we will not be in the Fresno area.

    Let me know if you need any Info.


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