CAn you tell me what this part is for on my newly bought (used) bike?

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  1. kpeter02

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    Hey guys?

    I just bought an old Trek 800 from a pawnshop. And interestingly, I am wondering if it possibly had an engine on it at one time. Because it has been modified in that it only has 3 speeds and no shifter connected. Also, it has some weird sprogets (a word I made up) on the frame. I was wondering if I could take a picture so you could tell me what you think those things were for. They look like allen wrench bolts.

    I tried to attach the image.

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  2. STL Sparky*

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    Its for your water bottle(s)

    Water bottle holder attachments :whistling:
  3. wheelbender6

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    The steel Trek frame is a good choice for motorizing.
  4. retromike3

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    good things and bad things

    It looks like it has not been altered to make do for a engine. I concur that it looks like water bottle rack braze ons. the bad thing about that it sometimes they interfere with were the engine mounts. It also looks like the down tube is oversized. this may also be a problem.

    what I did was to file the water bottle mounts off and I got a oversized engine mount kit from Sick Bike Parts for my over big seat tube. I never worry about if my engine slips any more.

    I used to have problems with the frame I am currently using. It would slip and my chain would get loose. Then I would get the chain caught between the cog and the spokes. No fun if you are ten miles from home and its three of those up hill.

    I would recommend getting a newer engine kit and see if it would fit before you do anything. It might workout.

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  5. kpeter02

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    Thanks! I just measured my tubes. My downtube is about 4 inches in circumference... and my tube holding up my seat is about 3 1/4" in circumference.

    What do you mean newer engine kit? I am not sure how to search for engines by the year they were created. Can you help me out there?

    Thanks all! My car broke down and I am hoping to get a motor for my bike!
  6. kpeter02

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    Hey guys... do you think this bike will work with the That's DAX In frame 2 stroke kit?
  7. bluegoatwoods

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    I'd bet a week's pay that it'll work.

    You might have to get aftermarket mounts (like the sickbikeparts mount mentioned above) or you might fabricate your own. But don't let that scare you; it's not all that hard. And it's likely no matter what engine you buy and which bike you put it on.
  8. kpeter02

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    Cool! Thanks!