Cannon Shell Exhaust...yeah I said it

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    Hello All -

    Newest project on my Skyhawk frame and 4 stroke engine = Cannon Shell exhaust. I found a place to purchase old Bofor's Cannon shells online and realized it would make a perfect baffle exhaust for my bike. A little bit of welding, grinding and steel wool and this project is almost done. I'll post the progress so far and hope to post final pics in the next few days. Any questions, don't hesitate to post. I think the cannon shell exhaust will add to my vintage/new tech bike. What do you think?

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    Updated photos

    IMG_1729.jpg So had a friend Tig weld the pieces together and now it is complete. Used my decibel meter on it and it dropped nearly 20dB from existing pipe. Thats going from a lawnmower 96dB down to a washing machine 78dB. Not too bad and if I rev it up it still sounds pretty mean!

    IMG_1736.jpg IMG_1737.jpg IMG_1739.jpg
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    Awesome! How much does it weigh?
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    About 2lbs Leroybrown420. Not too bad considering the shell is steel. Going to have to add a bracket so that its not hanging from header with all that weight