Carby carb stock on full throttle

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  1. I've done everything I possibly could the Barrel is going up and down perfectly the pin is set at the top notch because it was too rich the throttle cable is working fine . Throttle

    Help!!! Help! Help!! Help! I need help please help me!!!!!!
    I'm totally at a loss on what to do? The only thing I have not messed with is the float and I have a feeling that's not it I have tapped. Bbit with a wrench to loosen it up and it's swelling up and down I'm sure

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    air leak, or slide in upside down, or left out the washer that holds the needle down in the slide
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    Ok, I have the solution. Take off the cap where the throttle hooks up to the carb, take it all apart and put it back together, it happened to me. Pay close attention on how you put it together. That should fix it
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    The barrel could be rotating and getting stuck on the idle screw due to a slightly bent spring, this is what happend to mine and it is NOT fun when the bike suddenly runs away and your brakes are utter sh*t
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  6. With all due respect I did that, The barrel lined up, It moves up and down is really nice that it goes in the hole I had to reposition the whole to the top 10 because I just running way to Rich I was running so rich I was getting fuel oil mix inside my air filter

    Thank you, be safe, and have fun.
    P.S. The only thing I have NOY checked is the float inside the bowl
  7. Typo I had to reposition the pin & Ring to the top position
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    note: fuel blowing back into filter is normal for a motor without reed valves
  9. I havemt seen too much on reed valves them I don't know much about them where they're located what they do I have seen a couple videos but I really don't know what they are what they do I'm going to have to go to YouTube University I think
  11. The problem about the videos that I have seeen . They all sucked at work people who just want to look at their hands and hear their voice on camera and show off their cleaning abilities and whatever else. Searching YouTube University and find somebody who really knows what they're doing. I heard about this guy named Fabian who is supposed to be a genius when it comes to All Things 2 stroke. I don't know who posted it or where it was I think it was this guy named Diamondback a new member. I don't think I'll be getting along with that I tried but not going to happen . Send email that's probably him that she yelled at me.LMAO
    I think I'll check into that reads out saying that sounds like something I might want to do.
  13. Hey bud. Have you ever used an aluminum can for a gasket instead of cardboard cereal box?
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    Hey WINDY CITY,, I apoligized to you on the off set key thread and said I was sorry for being rude to you,,, was having a bad day,, we all do sometimes,,!!!

    anyway I am going to try to help you out,,, not sitting on my high horse but I am getting pretty smart and experianced with these engine bike kits,,, dont know everything and I need help sometimes , but I am a smart, fast learner and mechanic / fabricator my whole life doing this 24 yrs now..

    SO AGAIN I AM SORRY and I would love to help you out Bud,,,, so lets get started
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    FIRST OFF---lets get some symptoms and actions,,,, we need to repair the cause to fix the problem !!

    (1)--when you start engine cold do you have choke,, ON--HALF WAY--OFF ??
    (2)--Does it rev right up to full throttle once started and throttle grip in lowest position ??
    (3)-- When you twist the throttle grip--it does nothing-or- there is some type of reaction ??
    (4)--If you take air filter off and look thru back off CARB can you see the slide and needle going up and down while twisting throttle grip

    I am thinking you have a float / needle seating problem or a major air leak

    1...take float bowl off by removing 2 phillips screws and check white plastic doughnut float for gas stuck inside it...........................
    2...check to make sure main jet(little 1/4 inch piece did not fall out or unscrew a bit..................
    3... with float out check metal prongs move up and down and are moving the needle up and down going into your brass fuel inlet tube.
    4...adjust metal prongs to 22mm...put plastic float on wing fingers and bend 2 metal prongs to where main jet is flush with bottom of float have a major air leak somewhere
    6...put an o-ring in carb outlet where it pushes onto intake tube,, then wrap with electrical tape and clamp real tight while pushing carb on tightly
    7...start engine and spray all over where gaskets are used with carb and choke cleaner,,if is an air leak you will hear rpms change

    get o-ring assortment kit from dollar store,, for $1 you get all sizes,, find the best fit

    WINDY let me know please,,,,, PLUS I AM WORKING ON as we speak a cheap affordable WALBRO WYK 192 conversion kit,,, it is like putting fuel injection on,,, no more carb problems or engine 4-stroking... YOU SHOULD BUY ONE,,,is one best upgrade you can do !!!! promise
  16. ive already gone through 1 -4 plus a few other things ,it turned out to so simple. an air leak at the intake, so...... I got a tube of Permatex ultra copper gasket maker and thet will do the trick. its inexpensive, & if done correctly it will last quite a while.
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    GOOD FOR YOU BUD !!!!! glad it was simple, sounded like an air leak !!

    I had the same problem sort of in the beginning of my adventures,,, idle was high and when i reved the engine up it took forever to come back down...!!! i used electrical tape at first and saw bike websites where they were selling O-rings for $3.99 for ONE !! WOW !!

    went to dollar store and they had an assortment of 50 different sizes for a $buck,,,scooped that right up

    WINDY,, wait till you see my WALBRO conversion kit,,, found an awesome way to do it for less then $30 dollars includes everything, bolts right up....better then spending $99.99 that some of these websites sell for... let me know if interested,, will send you detailed pics and install guide,,,

    if you ever need help let me know... i will always figure it out,, and two heads better then one....ttyl
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    what does AS ......mean,,, dont get it
  19. AS far as losing your cool don't sweat it, no big deal man have fun thats what im here for. there are a couple of douche bags that will rip on new guys BECAUSE THEY ARE WEAK! and this is all they have. I guess its there way of territorial pissing. idunno? I got the same crap when I joined,
    so its cool man