Centrifugal centrifugal clutch won't fit

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  1. :bowdown:good day please help i have a centrifugal clutch and it won't fit motor is a starnd is the crank the same ? if not were can i got one thanks

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    In what way do you mean it wont fit I know these kits usualy have to be played with a bit. The peice that goes on the crank needs to be fitted to the crank using lapping compound and you need to put on few extra gaskets to get clearance, but they do work out nice.
  3. it go on the shift but the clutch binds up against the cover crank has a shoulder and i try 3 gaskets lapping compound ?
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    Is it binding on the centrifical clutch or the clutch disk. Remove your cover to see if it is binding there. If this is it than the little peice is not on the shaft far enough. If it is binding on the other clutch than you can also grind down the 3 little pins that stick out this should work
  5. hey it was the the 3 little pins grind them down work good thanks goodtime65
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    When I first started using these kits the instructions said to grind these pins off . Another thing I do is to take the old cover and take a little slice off of it using a grinder and use this as a spacer