Centrifugal centrifugal clutch

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  1. wan37

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    I have a centrifugal clutch I was installing it and it came apart on me and I lost one of the roller bearing in it.I was just wondering if some body had a centrifugal clutch that they wanted to sell ? I don't want to buy a new one there too much money for just a little bearing.
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  2. HeadSmess

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    go to a bearing supplier and pay $1.50?
  3. wan37

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    I went to one and they can't get it.
  4. Fabian

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    Grab yourself some magnets from the local hardware store and use rubber bands to attach them to the base of a broom, then carefully sweep a large area around the place where you lost the needle roller.

    I have found many small parts that have gone flying across the workshop and have sometimes landed in the garden bed - piston circlips immediately come to mind.