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On my old bike, the tensioner would pull in toward the tire and forward toward the seat post causing the chain to loosen and misalign. I used self tapping screws through the tensioner bracket right into the frame. Worked like a charm.


This on an old sears 3 speed. I already put a single speed hub on it for ridgitity.
It's in bad enough condition that I might just use your idea Johnny. I thought about welding it but then sometime down the road you will have to remove it.
Thanks again


chain deflection and tension

The chain on my jaguar is rubbing the tire (as mentioned before). If you look closely you can see the pattern on the tire where the link pins hit. I pulled the derailuers off an bike in the junk yard. Turned it upside down and it mounted to the frame perfectly! I was wondering if the roller could/should (not) be used. I am just trying to deflect the chain a hair to keep it off the tire. The front derailuer can not go down any further but can come up. The pictures lie a little since right now there is slack in the chain, but I will adjust the bottom tensioner properly.

If I have hi jacked your thread please let me know. I just didn't want to start a new one.


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you should be able to move the motor over just a bit to clear ,,i had to file the back mount on the chain side and then add a spacer on the other side of the mount ,,worth a look . i think i might have gain .3 inches just enough to clear

it"s not easy to keep the derailed sprocket in place on the top as you have in the pic ,, there is as you know a lot of tension on the top ,,
good luck


Scott, the drailer metal is not made for the torque you are applying on it. For your safety, I would go to something a little more durable. Could be an accident waiting to happen. I could be wrong Scott but, I can bend the derailer by hand.


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yes, the top should have no tension on it
it should only be guided if anything
i am afraid the first hard ride it will self-destruct and do damage
is it posible to dish your sprocket out?
(that is, if you haven't got it that way already)


Better my peers tell me "no" now than my bike tell me "no" later.Hmmmm
Japat, I welded the front mount since the frame is so strange with no thought to the chain vs tire issue. On Mr. Toad, the chain just nibbled off the nobs that stuck out too far Fiddlesticks!
Doc you are right the metal is softer than modeling clay. I did bend the front parts out so that the chain would not catch on it's way through. I had to bend/widen the whole thing just so the chain would fit in. I reckon it will be rather noisey, and the chain will rub through the metal rather quickly, could cause a snag jerking the derailuer around the post while binding up the chain. Scary thought. The wheel was just a thought. Kind of looks like a cowboy's spur, Just like Roy and Gene huh Doc?

Guess the easiest thing to do is just have a new slimmer tire put on. I need to learn how to do that anyhow plus I'll have a spare for the front.

I asked because I trust you all and Alesterfeind suggested a second opinion.


Ah! my grasshopper, A wise man once told me " it is safer to lose pride than face".
Believe me Scott, we wouldn't say anything if we didn't care! "About duke! He has to ride with you!!!
Ha Ha


Okay another perhaps safer and sound train of thought suggested by Alesterfeind. What if I put some spacers/washers between the rear sprocket and the rubber spacer, that should give me more clearance BUT the chain will be at a slight angle. Like Japat said just .3 inches. Doable?

It will be 86 degrees here today and the kids are at grandma and grandpa's so I might be out most of the day on Mr. Toad. The front wheel of my new project is at the bike shop having a disk brake installed and I'm still wiating for my replacemnet fork.
Have a great day.
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