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    Greetings people!
    Prompt - what resource at a chain of a motor chain, whether strongly the chain is stretched? What resource at a many-speed chain?

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    Alekor, I think we have a slight language problem. I understood only the first line.
    Try to re-phrase the question. (Use other words.)

    What do you mean by 'resource'? Are you asking about chain tension?
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    Forgive me for my English.
    I had in view of how many kilometres the motor chain will pass, will not be extended yet. Through how many run kilometres it is necessary to change a motor and pedal chain?
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    Your English is better than my Russian.

    I'm starting to understand.

    Do you want to know how many kilometres a chain will last before it wears out and is no good?

    Also, do you want to know how many kilometres a motor will last before it wears out?

    And how long the pedal chain will last?

    Say yes if I'm right.
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    They are very hard questions to answer.

    The normal pedal chain will last much longer than usual, because it will be used less.

    The lifetime of an engine varies greatly from motor to motor and depends on many factors. Some only last a short time and others last for several thousand kilometres.

    The chain from the engine to the rear wheel will last for a very long time if set up properly because these engines don't produce enough power to wear them out quickly.
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    many thanks!