Chain, V-belt or both???


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Hi All,

I have a new project underway but have to decide on the drive system before I can proceed.

At this stage I will be using 4 sprockets and 2 chains to drive the rear wheel.

I could use just 2 sprockets and 1 chain as we do with the happy time kits but if I do the motor will be too far over on one side and I want to have it balanced in the middle of the frame.

So as the motor sticks out too far I will be using 2 sprockets and a chain to drive a shaft connected to the chassis via bearing. Then on the other end of the shaft will be attached a small sprocket that then goes to the larger wheel mounted one.

I have the option to use a v-belt instead of a chain from the motor side but will still be using a chain to the wheel due to space restrictions.

My question is... are their any advantages to using a v-belt instead of a chain on the motor side of this drive system?

Any comments for and against would be appreciated.:D
tell us more about engine/components, sounds big, does this belong in frame-mount (generic) or is it "wild?"

opinion: if you can get some "belt" in there somewhere, you'll have a much quieter and smoother ride. i don't know enough yet to be able to say more.
Without knowing your full plan of attack by first thoughts are "use a belt,or belts"
As augidog said it's a much quieter and smoother it shouldn't stretch or give lubrication problems.............belt it. :)
Good luck man,keep us informed.

Many thanks for your input,

I would like to have posted something sooner but have had too much work on and can't keep up at the moment. :mad: Would much rather be buildin bikes!

I have posted pics below of what I would like to do but the quality of them ain't great as my 6yo son had stuck his sticky fingers on the lens and blurred them.

This drive system is nothing new is basically a drive system using a jackshaft. I could not remember the name of it when I originally posted.

I will be using it on a custom made rack mount which is basically a piece of flat aluminium bent to suit the mounting points on the frame and wheels. I will be mounting the front onto the kick plate and then using alloy struts down to the wheels.

I have found the need to shim one side of the wheel and this was done by removing a spacer nut from one side and swapping it to the other. It looks like it will allow the chain to be run just past the frame without causing any issues due to the wheel being offset slightly. As this scooter was never designed for a chain drive I will let you know how that goes.

I may have to use a chain drive for both as I am not sure if I can get the type of attachment type I need. On the sprockets I am using a system what requires 2 grub screws to expand an internal flange to fix it onto the shaft. I need this type of fixing as shaft on the clutch is quite thin metal so the normal sprocket that is attached with just grub screws into the shaft itself will not work.

I will not get around to actually continuing this project in my workshop until maybe after the end of January 08 the way my clients are keeping me busy so will not be able to post any progress pics anytime soon.

I would appreciate more input or suggestions along the way.



PS: as you probably realize this is a scooter. Is this allowed at

Belt and Chain.JPG