Check out the nashbar cargo trailer...

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    loquin, have you seen any of these styles before? Do you know if the arm bars attach to the existing rear axle threads? I guess I could call.

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    That, I don't know. I emailed their product support, asking for clarification as to whether the black portion replaces a standard axle nut or ...

    When they reply, I'll post it here.
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    I'd love to hear more if you get the information from Nashbar! Thanks for posting this. :)
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    Here's their answer
  6. That's a happy time fail. Quick release hubs are not 36 spokes. Not 36 spokes mean Happy time sprocket won't line up right. Not line up right mean spokes get loose too fast.
    Spokes get too loose fast means epic fail.
    They need to fix that...although it looks like someone can fabricate a fix.
    It's definitely a good buy though.
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    Quick releases and spoke count have nothing to do with each other. You can get 36 hole hubs with QR's and you can put a QR axle in any nutted axle hub no matter what the spoke count, or vice versa. The nashbar trailer could be made to work with either type of axle without to much effort.

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    That's exactly same the trailer and price I've been eyeballing. I have the same question: I wondering if my axle is long enough. With the GEBE hardware in place there won't be much thread sticking out left.