choppy/sticking throttle 99 wc-1


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Jan 24, 2008
The throttle is awful. It's sticking and catching like crazy. Not a smooth flow at all. So first, I checked the grip and cable - all good. I unscrewed the top of the carb and out popped the needle/valve assembly.

Holding it all in my hand, it works smoothly and nicely.

What's the deal?

I read in other forums where folks are sanding with 400 grit the throttle valve. Not sure how that would improve it because it would then make the throttle valve abrasive, unless i disassembled everything and polished it when I was done, I don't know.

All I know is that this is my first whizzer.....albeit used.....and I am really having a hard time enjoying this thing.

And of course, I have now lost the orientation of how it fits back into the carb.

Thanks for any help and/or ideas.

Best wishes - Dallas
I don't really know anything about your motor but if it is a "slider" like a carb on the chinese bikes, it only goes in one way to allow room for the needle. Not hard really as there are only two ways for it to slide down and only one of them is correct. As for sanding, the 400 wet paper will polish more than "sand" and could help as the wear and tear may put it out of round.It should slide up and down very easily and just drop into place. I spray wd40 onto it before I slide it in.
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sticking throttle

Hi where are you located? Do NOT sand the slide! Lube the cable, check that the cable is not kinked anyplace, you can grease the handle mechanism, could even (temporary) put a little oil in the top of the carb.

let me know what your results are.

Are we allowed to argue on this site? I'm looking for a good fight....hehehe.
He says that all is working well when off the bike. It's only when he puts the slider back inside that it gets hung up on whatever is causing it. In my view it could have been as stupid as a tiny stone getting into carb and scratching the wall of the carb along with the slide. Remeber too, that it is a used unit,and this could even be why it was sold.I don't think that he was going to use a belt sander and see nothing wrong with a light sanding with a 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper...(drop of dishsoap/water) if that will solve his problem. Let the debate!

I guess if you want him to sand his teflon coated slide, it's ok with me, BUT first convince him to buy the new one he'll need from me, or perhaps, make a side-bet with him, and you buy the new carb from me?

The Whizzer is not like the chinese 2-strokes, where I can gladly sell you a complete new carb with air-cleaner for 35 bucks, I think the MSRP on Whizzer carb is about 120.00, and YES it is that much better quality.

I dunno, I would first do what I suggested, and if that did not work, I'd be a bit like Christopher Colombus.............and that would be...........Looking for a new way.

It's hard to debate a salesman as you never know the true motives. I'm just kidding and you have valid points.I always thought it was just an anodized type of coating on the slider but I would not know. I did notice that mine is all worn off from just normal use and that is why I know the coating you are talking about.
Well, who am I to say anything. I don't know the motor and you do.
I'll give you this one!! Take care.
hi Dmaddox ,I have over 20 years as a harley tech ,If your slide is gray or gold coated do not sand .If it is shinny metal you are aloud to polish with 2000 grit.please check pin on inside of bore and groove on slide of piston. May need to be cleaned with dye file ,Also check cable action when bent under tank . hope this helps...Bill Green Vancouver Whizzer
Ok, I solved the problem and here is how:

1. I removed the slide from the carb.
2. I colored it all with a black permanent marker.
3. I inserted back into the carb operated it back and forth about a dozen times.
4. Removed from carb and inspected the spots where the marker was worn off.
5. I took 400 grit 3M sandpaper and sanded all the spots down.
6. I then took 2000 grit sandpaper and went over it.
7. I then took some silicon spray and cleaned the marker off the slide and off the throat of the carb.
8. I then used my polishing wheel on the slide.
9. Re-installed into the carb.
10. Perfect throttle action!

Thought I would share in the event someone searched with the same problem.

Best Wishes,

Dallas - Colorado Springs
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Hi Dmaddox happy to here problem solved.butt unfortunately wood and carb pistons made from xyxyxyxy/2 swell at the same bad rate..Whizz-on ....Bill Green Vancouver Whizzer