Clutch help 80CC!! New to forum

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by ajohns, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. ajohns

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    Just finished my first build with my son. Everything went well except that the clutch does not seem to dissengage. I have tried everything and the back tire is locked up and won't free up. Oviously a clutch problem. What needs to be done to get this thing to free up? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. Dave C

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    Hi there and welcome.

    I had the same problem when I started out. Take the cover off the clutch. Remove the star nut locking screw. Using a pair of needle nose pliers or use a screwdriver and hammer to advance the star nut 1 locking position clockwise. Try it then. If that doesn't work move it another notch. It should only take 1-3 notches to get it to work right.

    One bad thing is that sometimes you end up with a substantial pre-load on the clutch pin, bearing and actuator. Premature wear can make these parts fail early. I myself need to find a thread that explains the clutch setup better.:helmet:
  3. ajohns

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    Thank you sir!

    One more question. The clutch arm should be facing straight towards the rear tire and then adjust the cable to hold in that position? When I do that the arm does not want to go any further. By adjusting the flower nut will this fix this problem?
  4. Dave C

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    Ok, I'm in the process of readjusting my clutch after rebuilding. I'll let you know when it's set up right :)