cost of Robin Subaru EH035 engines?

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    It's been a while since I've been on this board. I purchased a couple Robin Subaru kits from Staton a few years ago and never got around to using them. I have a friction kit and outside chain drive kit, both with the EH035 engine. I switched over to electric kits so the Staton kits remained new and unused. I held onto the kits because had considered converting them to outboard motors for watercraft, but I think I'll just sell them.

    I'd like to get an idea of how much these kits are worth nowadays. I couldn't find the invoices so I checked Staton's website for pricing and he no longer has the EH035 available. TIA

    They came with the bigger aftermarket fuel tanks, but I also added a factory tank in the same order from Dave.

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    I figured I'd share the bike I was going to put the outside chain drive on. This is a Dahon boardwalk S1 with Cyclone chain drive motor kit. I had ordered the chain drive kit along with a 26" wheel from Staton, and then changed my mind about the 26" part, and rebuilt his dual drive hub into a 20" wheel. Then I changed my mind again and went with a 8-speed internal geared hub which is really awesome.





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    You're sitting on about $1010 in engines.They went crazy in cost, after the Fukushima disaster, and can only be special ordered now.I'd hang on to them like grim death, use them well, rebuild, use them well again, and then maybe do some experimentation, they are one of the best all around MAB engines, super quiet/light and quite powerful.
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    The motors list for $529, remember though they're out of warranty and a couple years old...............good luck. Also you can buy a new Honda 35cc for $250 or so that's box fresh and under warranty. Personally I think you'd get the best price from auctioning them on Ebay. The kits should be a no brainer, if never used just shave the price to make them marketable and you'll sell them on here, or ebay them too. No one will pay full retail when they can buy from a known vendor with a warranty and phone support.
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    Are you looking to sell? How much would you be asking?
    Thank you! :)
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    I will probably post them up for sale in a couple of days. I may just throw them up on ebay as darwin had suggested. I currently have a Honda GX25 engine for sale on ebay. The GX25 was supposed to be for a 3rd kit I had also purchased from Staton. Its a front drive friction kit and I will post that up for sale too.

    As for the Robin Subaru EH035 kits, I'm thinking maybe $500 + shipping for the friction drive kit and $700 + shipping for the chain drive kit. I may find a bigger market for the engines alone from people who are just looking to replace their EH035's on current equipment if dealers are wanting $500+ for them. I couldn't find any sites online that had them in stock.

    I also have a few electric kits that hardly saw any use that I will post up for sale in the next few weeks.
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